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by Rickzabel (PM)

On this page, you will find a brief overview of the features of the WME URComments script. Within WME, holding the mouse over any of the items will show tool tips describing the function or displaying the text to be used. For an extensive description, please view the illustrated slideshow.


This script has an auto-update feature which automatically downloads and installs the up-to-date version upon release.


Should you require any assistance on this script, or want to propose new features, please post a message in the following forum thread: UrComments (in English).


WME URComments UR pill.PNG

WME URComments displays the URs in your screen with a brief indication of its status; amount of comments, amount of days since last comment, and who the commenter is. White and blue pills indicate URs that you currently handle. You can find an elaborate description of the pills in the illustrated slideshow.

This script adds another tab to the left side panel in WME. There are four main elements, the header and three sub tabs. We will explain each of the elements below.

WME URComments tab1.PNG
  1. UR Comments Version Number: Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey are not always reliable at fetching updates, so once-in-a-while it is a good idea to check your version number against the version listed on greasyfork.
  2. Zoom Out 0 & Close UR: Zooms all the way out and closes the UR window.
  3. Zoom Out 2 & Close UR: Zooms out to level 2
  4. Zoom Out 3 & Close UR: Zooms out to level 3. This is where you can find most of the toolbox highlighting works.
  5. 55 or any other number: amount of active URs (maybe hidden by filters) in your display
  6. WME URComments reloadbutton.PNG

Map reload button: Reloads the map without having to go into Waze's layers menu


WME URComments generates comments based on UR report type. You can have them auto-inserted in the text window of the UR, or choose from a list of other comments. You can adjust the comments before sending, depending on the presets. To make your own custom list, view the tutorial.

WME URComments Comments small.PNG

The comments in the list are color coded, black, orange, green, and red. They all generate a standard text that auto-inserts in the comment window. If you enable the setting "Auto click open, solved, not identified", the script will also set the status of the UR:

  • Black comments set the UR Status to "Open"
  • Orange comments set the UR Status to "Not Identified"
  • Green comments set the UR Status to "Solved"
  • Red comments have errors in the script; they will still generate the comment text and then set the UR Status to "Open"

Before actually sending your comment, make sure you understand the report and adjust the text accordingly!


WME URComments filters3.PNG

You can set several kinds of filters for URs to display. Hover your mouse over the items will show tool tips describing their function.

The Filters and Auto Reminders work in conjunction with the Reminder days and Close Days setting.

Also, you can set the amount of days after you wish to send a reminder message, and the amount of days after you would like to close a message.

Integration with URO+

From version 1.1.0 on, you can easily use URComments without URO+ installed, since URComments has it's own filter settings. For those using URO+, URComments works smoothly together. However, if you use URO+ filters, the filters of URComments will be disabled. To enable them, simply check Enable URComments UR filtering. You may need to disable URO+ filters first.


WME URComments settings.PNG

In the settings, you define how URComments works for you. To make yourself acquintainted, it is recommended to check all settings from the first list, except the 8th and the last two. Holding the mouse over any of the items will show tool tips describing the function.

From the Comment List Drop down menu, choose which list you want to use. The available files are listed at the bottom of this page. To make your own list, use the Custom List and view the tutorial. If you need support, you can find assistance in the forum.

Some advanced settings are at the bottom of this tab. Make yourself acquainted with this script before you change the settings and use them with care, especially the Auto send reminders option.

Illustrated slideshow

Presentation of WME URComments

You can view this presentation full screen, or open the slide show in google drive.

Tutorial to Customize URComments

Especially for the use of URComments in other languages, there is a Custom List that you can use to make a list of comments in your own language. In this tutorial you will find an elaborate explanation on how to do that. If you like support making your custom list, contact moweez (PM).

You can view this presentation full screen, or open the slide show in google drive.

DOWNLOAD ↓ WME URComment is available on the following browsers:

To use other languages or make your own custom list, you need to install one of the following scripts in addition:

  • Custom List Install and edit this file if you wish to customize comments. See the tutorial to guide you.
  • International List: a shorter and slightly simpler version of the Comment Team list. This list has some extra comments, handy for base map editing and starting communities.


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