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by Twister-UK (PM)

  • URO+ adds a URO+ tab in the left-hand panel to provide various filtering options to show/hide update requests, map problem, and camera markers according to type, age, comment keyword, etc.
  • For any UR markers where a conversation is taking place, the marker is modified to show a small quote icon in place of the Waze icon. The quotes are on a green background or if you have commented on the UR, a yellow background. Optionally, a small circle with the count of comments can be shown too.
  • For any markers that are visible, hovering the mouse pointer over the marker generates a pop-up which contains a summary of the marker information and some marker-type specific actions (e.g., opening an update request in a new tab, deleting a camera).
  • Optional functionality (Go to subtab Misc, "Enable integrated scripts"):
    • Functionality from DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) script:
      Modifies the Drives tab in the left-hand panel to show more drives per sub-page (up to the WME limit of 50/page), and to inform the user which drives are available to view on the map as a route trail. Although Waze stores the drive summaries (date, distance, etc) for every drive ever made, it stores the actual route data only for the most recent drives.
    • Functionality from Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) script.
      Adds a Select roundabout button to the segment edit panel when a single segment from a roundabout is selected. Clicking the button selects the entire roundabout. Note that if the entire roundabout doesn't get selected, it probably means the roundabout itself is broken.


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