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<span style="color:{{{color|{{{2|black}}}}}}">{{{1|}}}</span><noinclude>{{doc}}</noinclude>
| contact    = https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=86327
| contacttype = forum
| draft      = yes
| open        = yes
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Map tiles are part of the core of the Waze Map.
== Theory of operation ==
{{Red|{{NeedInfo|Describe why they exist and how they work (at a basic level).}} }}
== Updates ==
When certain items in the map are edited, they cause the Waze system to incorporate the changes from the offline editor database into the live map database during an [[Timeline of updating process|update cycle]]. That process will only include changes from map tiles that trigger the tile for an update. Not everything that gets edited will trigger an update.
== Trigger updates ==
The following edits are known to trigger a map update for anything else changes in the same map tile.
* [[Turn restrictions]]
* [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Road_elevation|Road elevation]]
* [[Editing_restrictions#Manual_lock|Road locks]]
== No update triggered ==
The following edits will '''not''' trigger a map update. Therefore to get any of these changes to be seen in the live map, one of the previously mentioned edits must take place in that map tile.
* [[Cameras|Camera]] updates
== Pending further investigation ==
The following edits have not yet been determined if they will trigger a map update or not. When they are determined, they will be moved into the appropriate sections above.
* Adding or editing [[House Numbers in WME]]
* Changes to [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|Street/Alternate/City/State name]]
* Adding [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Toll_Road|toll indicator]]
* [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Adjusting_road_geometry_.28nodes.29|Geometry changes]] to a segment
* Adding a [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Drawing_the_road|new road]] through WME
* Adding a new road by [[paving]] in the client
* Adding or editing a [[landmark]]
[[Category:Waze operations]]

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