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Map tiles are part of the core of the Waze Map.

Theory of operation

Describe why they exist and how they work (at a basic level).


When certain items in the map are edited, they cause the Waze system to incorporate the changes from the offline editor database into the live map database during an update cycle. That process will only include changes from map tiles that trigger the tile for an update. Not everything that gets edited will trigger an update.

Will trigger an update

The following edits are known to trigger a map update for anything else changes in the same map tile.

No update triggered

The following edits will not trigger a map update. Therefore to get any of these changes to be seen in the live map, one of the previously mentioned edits must take place in that map tile.

Pending further investigation

The following edits have not yet been determined if they will trigger a map update or not. When they are determined, they will be moved into the appropriate sections above.