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This template creates a table entry for the Custom color schemes page which pulls content from a corresponding user page dedicated to the custom scheme. The user page must be made to work with the selective transclusion. This can be done by using the preload sample provided by the template when the user page doesn't yet exist, or copying another schemes user page.

This templates requires a single unnamed parameter, which should be a link to a User page dedicated and named for the script. For example {{ColorSchemeEntry|User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors}} It will produce the following output in the table:

| [[User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors|Map editors 2015 colors]]

{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors|transcludesection=update}}
| {{Username|PesachZ}}
| {{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors|transcludesection=details}}
|{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors|transcludesection=screenshot}}
|{{User:PesachZ/Color_schemes/Map editors 2015 colors|transcludesection=links}}


  1. On the Custom color schemes page click to edit the section with the sample list table.
  2. Add a new line between two other entries.
  3. On that new line add the following code
    {{ColorSchemeEntry|<LINK TO YOUR USER THEME PAGE}}
    • Do not actually create the user page yet, just put the link it you want to be at for now.
  4. Save the change (don't forget to add an edit summary.
  5. On the new row in the table you just added there will be a link in the description column to create the theme page in your user space. Click the  [Create it]  link.
    • This won't work if you already created the page before.
    • This will create the page with all the code and formatting already in place,just waiting for you to fill in the details.
  6. Fill in all the information on your new user page. Replace all the <PLACEHOLDERS> on the page with the correct info.
  7. Save your new user page.
  8. Reload the Custom color schemes page to check your results.

Please try to keep the first part of the description (which is transcluded to the table) brief, you can add more details in the section below that to be displayed only on the theme page. Please only put one screenshot in the top section which is transcluded in the table, you can add more screenshots below that section as well.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:ColorSchemeEntry/doc.
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