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  • Wandering cities
  • While server upgrades have markedly increased the speed of Cartouche there are times of day when it is still very slow. This may be because the servers are performing other tasks or because there are many map editors working at the same time. If you find the map editing to be painfully slow, we don't want you to become discouraged. The best advice is to wait and try again at a different time of day.
  • Aerial images are missing for USA and Canada in Cartouche. Aerial images previously present have reportedly been missing for months. Rumor is the USGS servers may be down. Waze is looking into it.
  • If you have the "No Name Roads" layer selected in Cartouche you cannot select any roads
  • If you have the GPS Points layer selected it can be difficult or impossible to select a road because you are always selecting a GPS point. This can happen even if the GPS points are not visible at your current zoom level.
  • Known issues with Cartouche - needs updating
  • Newly plotted (unknown, red-line) roads are not showing in Cartouche at the 3 minimum zoom levels. Waze is aware of this and are working to fix it
  • Some roads are reverting back to an unconfirmed state (back to Pacman roads with dots on them). Waze is investigating this. Please report any observed examples in this forum thread
  • Client device problems
  • [Currently working] On 9 September the routing server was unavailable for over 12 hours. It was also unavailable for an hour on 13 September. Client routing and Live Map routing fails with a message that the routing server could not be contacted.