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To be added on bottom of all global pages so they can link directly to the related local pages.

For each country in the list, clicking the link will go to their main page, unless a specific link is added. To add a link for you country you need to add a parameter. The name of the parameter is your country name, and the value of the parameter is the FULLPAGENAME of the page in your wiki you want to link to. For the country name you must use the spelling as it is spelled in the country dropdown on the left sidebar for you wiki. |Country=FULLPAGENAME for example: |UnitedKingdom=Road Names
In the example below all countries link to their Main Page, but the USA and the UK link directly to a page. To add another country you just add the parameter on a new line.

|USA = Road Names
|United Kingdom = Road Names and Types/UK

Note: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and BeNeLux are all set to accept a link using the parameter |Benelux=, or any of the other country names in order of preference;

  1. |Benelux=
  2. |Belgium=
  3. |Netherlands=
  4. |Luxembourg=
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