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The purpose of this template is to display a Template link in a wiki, under this format {{TemplateName}}, without triggering the Template transclusion as it would normally performed if you use this bracket syntax into the wikicode of the page. Its primary use is in instruction and documentation for designing Wiki pages.


Use {{tl|TemplateName}} to create {{TemplateName}} text.

By default, the Template title, between the brackets, is an wikilink to the Template page itself.

Use {{tl|TemplateName|NOLINK}} to create the same {{TemplateName}} text, but without the wikilink. For the ease of use, you can use |nl as a shorter second parameter to replace |NOLINK.


This wiki syntaxt will ... ... produce this displayed result
{{tl|TemplateName}} {{TemplateName}}
{{tl|TemplateName|NOLINK}} {{TemplateName}}
{{tl|TemplateName|nl}} {{TemplateName}}
{{tl|:MainPageName}} {{:[[::MainPageName|MainPageName]]}}
{{tl|User:UserPageName}} {{User:UserPageName}}

Incorrect usage of the second parameter (supposed to be |NOLINK or |nl will result in the display of an error handling as below:

will produce :

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