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#REDIRECT [[Partial restrictions]]
===Waze Forums (official)===
[http://www.waze.com/forum/ Official announcements and community discussion forums]
Waze uses a third party product called phpBB for their forums. You may browse the forums as a guest, but you must login, using your Waze username and password, to post a message. Logging also allows:
* New message indication icons
* First unread message links
* [[Private message|Private messaging]] (PM)
* Topic subscriptions (you receive email when a new post is made)
The forums support Tapatalk for the iPhone. Tapatalk is a paid app but there is a [http://www.tapatalk.com/ free version for read only access to the forums]
The forums provide an RSS feed.
The forums have a search facility, but do not index certain common words. If that is a problem you can [[Search forum for common words|follow these instructions to search the forum using Google]]
If a database error prevents you from logging onto the support forum, there is no way to get help -- support@waze.com is simply an auto-responder that will recommend you ask your question on the support forum.
===IRC - Internet Relay Chat (unofficial)===
Most Wazers currently use the ##waze IRC channel on  the [http://http://freenode.net freenode.net] network to chat in real time.
Wazers originally used the #waze IRC on the [http://http://shadowfire.org shadowfire.org] network.
IRC can be accessed with computer IRC client programs (such as [http://www.mIRC.com mIRC for PCs]), smart device IRC client apps, or via a web based client such as [http://webchat.freenode.net ##waze on freenet] or [http://chat.mibbit.com/?url=irc://irc.shadowfire.org:6667/waze Mibbit for #waze on shadowfire].

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