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From the Main menu, select Navigate, and enter '''2##2''' into the search box for the destination. [[Restart Waze]] and you will be in Debug Mode which enables collecting log files that can be sent to Waze Support.  You can verify this by bringing up the Main menu and you'll red "debug" text below and to the left of the main "Menu" title.
To send the log files, open the Main Menu and choose Settings >> Help >> Send Logs. Click Yes to send the logs to Waze support. After sending the logs, please contact support from the [[http://www.waze.com/support/ Main Support]] page by entering "sending logs" in the quick help box and you will see "Ask an Agent by: Email." Include the date and time you sent the logs. That way they can respond to you directly and they know which logs are related to your described problem you submit. If you don't send the email the logs will not tell them who they belong too and cannot ask any questions.
To turn off debug mode search again for '''2##2''' and [[restart Waze]].
You can review an older [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6rb8bYRlFw General explanation video], but note that the "New Address" option is not on the current versions.

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