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  • Any controversial or mapping guideline change should be brought up in the forum before making it in the Wiki. Once a consensus is reached, the change can be made. If a controversial change is made without following this guideline that change should be reverted until it is approved through this process.
  • All content in the Wiki shall not use any words or language that would be considered degrading, demeaning, condescending, or otherwise uncivil.
  • All discussions around edits and changes in forums and private messages will be made in a civil, non-confrontational manner. Words can be misinterpreted so always assume good faith in their definitions and true purpose before assuming otherwise.
  • Waze Wiki pages generally contain guidance and information for other users and editors. Be sure to identify information that may be speculation or inference. Avoid pure opinion with no evidence. Avoid discussions of desired operation, which should only go into the appropriate forums.
  • Do not place questions in the Wiki without discussion in the Wiki Updates forum first.
  • Do not create pages outside the scope of Waze operation or products.
  • Before creating a new page in the Main Wiki namespace, consider creating a page in your own user namespace and then offer up the content in the forum to be considered. There are times when similar pages or content already exist and this prevents multiple pages with the same content making maintenance of the Wiki much more difficult.
  • If another editor makes a recommendation about a change you made in the Wiki, at least consider the suggestion. It is possible their experience may exceed your own, or it may not. When it cannot be resolved, bring the concern to the forum for further discussion to get other input.
  • Do not blank or delete all content from a page you did not create without discussing it in the forums or with the original page creator.
  • Any editors who continue to violate any of these etiquette recommendations will be subject to a minimum 24-hour banning from editing in the Wiki. Continued violators will be subject to longer bans.
This list is also presented in the Waze forums.