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  • the corners of the map display area: Info Bar Zoom Control Street View Activator Chat Window Top bar The top bar tells which chat room you are connected
    and try it for real, use the Log in link found on the bottom Practice Mode bar: In play mode (not logged in), all areas of the map are editable, though you
    s='';if(window.getSelection){s=window.getSelection()}else if(document.getSelection){s=document.getSelection()}else if(document.selection){s=document.selection.createRange()
    minutes = Zzz. Top bar is made light grey when invisible You can use smileys: :) :D ;) :( :o :? 8-) :x :P :| “Settings button (gear)” on top bar, near minimize
    display area is taken over by the information for the update request. The top bar of the Update Request states that this is a User Reported Problem. In the