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MapRaid! Rajasthan

  • Start: June 4, 2017
  • End: June 18, 2017

Registration is closed!


In order of importance:

  1. Mark all NH, SH & MDR correctly
    • road type
    • street name according to latest guidelines
    • delete city names in rural areas
    • remove all unnecessary junction nodes
    • by default, set uturns to disable in rural areas. For urban areas, leave 'enabled' unless there is clear indication it is not allowed (eg. a divider present)
    • reduce excessive amount of geometry nodes on segments
  2. Add railroads to the map, improve existing ones to the standards defined in the Wiki
  3. Solve URs and MPs
  4. Add Speed Limits (on the roads you are updating)
  5. Add Places
  6. Add Roads
  7. Import and improve Indian Wazeopedia pages

Hosts and leaders

Moweez (PM) Marcin_S (PM)
Cherianchris (PM) Lunarplexus (PM)
Srikarvenk (PM) Davide7O (PM)
Challenger3802 (PM) Freesoft (PM)
Rain101 (PM) Krema10 (PM)
Ents7 (PM)


When working in the raid area, please set yourself to visible in the country of India in WME chat. Also, turn on the Live Users layer. This will serve to collaborate smoothly and get quick help at your location if needed.

We will use Slack as the main communication service. There is a special channel for this raid. If you don't have access to this Slack team, please join right away. Still having trouble? Then, reach out to the MapRaid hosts.

Raid Area

This MapRaid involves Rajasthan state in India:

  • Rajasthan :342 239 km2, over 69 million inhabitants;

Over 150 thousands km of roads, incl more than 4 thousands of National Highways. Area is almost similar to the Germany area, population similar to Thailand! The road network in Rajasthan is growing rapidly!


During the Raid, the Raiders will be divided into three groups. Each group will work with a separate worksheet containing Major District Roads, State and National Highways.

  • First group: editors with rank L1 - L3 will work on Major District Roads
  • Second group: editors with rank L3 - L4, State Highways. They also have access to Major District Roads to support lower level editors.
  • Third group: editors with rank L4 - L6 will work on National Highways. They have also access to the other spreadsheets to support lower level editors.

You are asked to work on lists prepared by us of Major District Roads, State and National Highways (see below). The lists were prepared on the basis of official governmental documents and maps. So the data is “as they are” and you can see differences in comparison to the other sources. But the naming of the roads has to be kept according to our sheets.

Each of the Raiders will have access to the whole Raid area. Depending on your editing Level you are asked to work with spreadsheets as defined below. PLEASE do not filter the spreadsheets.

File with groups.

All editors have access to the whole raid area. We kindly urge you to stay with the given task, and within the assigned area, unless one of the leaders instructs differently. Use the sheets that will be provided (in preparation).

Mapraid guidelines

Keep in mind that if you are working in an area which has been edited recently, the Satellite Imagery may be out of date or something else is going on. Please be careful before changing others' work. Better to propose your changes in the raid channel first.

Because of national security legislations, civil and military Vital Areas (VAs)/Vital Points (VPs) should not be added to the map. If you encounter one, you can delete it.

You can find a lot of information in the Indian wiki pages. The pages are under construction. If there is anything unclear, please just ask. We all want to have constructive edits and a good map in the end.

Please read also document General Info

Mark all National, State Highways and Major District Road correctly

National Highways generally need to be upgraded to the road type Major Highway (MH). State Highways generally need to be upgraded to the road type minor Highway (mH). There are few exceptions, described on the page about (to be added).

Make sure that the highways connect with same type of road segments or higher (or in appointed cases, ramps).

The guidelines for naming are:

  • highways are indicated by their number, if available, in the primary name field
  • Names are written as NH-XX, SH-XX, and MDR-XX
  • all other necessary names/numbers go in alternate name
  • it is recommended to use names of roads from the spreadsheets (Column A) as a primary names
  • we only use new road numbers if it is requested via URs. We then put the old number in alternate name
  • names indicating destinations go in alternate name (e.g., Mumbai Pune Highway), if a road number is available
  • only when a highway has a specific name in urban areas that is used in addresses, it can be in the primary name.
  • Delete the city name from the highways in rural areas. You might need to add a node at the outer borders of a city, village or town. Within urban areas, don't change the city name unless you are absolutely sure.

Due to the import of roads, you may encounter smudged cities. How to deal with that, is explained in a separate paragraph on saving errors.

Add Speed Limits

Change to metric for km

While updating the roads, you may as well add speed limits (SLs). Please check if there are existing SLs and make sure not to override them.

Speed Limits in India are expressed in km/h. Always use the metric units setting (see picture) in WME when working with speed limits. There is a handy Speedhelper script that greatly facilitates entering speedlimits.

As we cannot use WME Street View to verify the Speed Limits, we will enter them according to the following guidelines, unless locals share different details (like in URs):

Default speed limits in km/h (kmp)
road type Rajasthan
rural urban
Freeway 100 100
Two-lane highway (NH and SH) 90 60
One-lane highway (NH and SH) 60 40
Major District Road (MDR) 60 40
Primary street, streets 60 20-40*

20 - area with high density of buildings (usual old part of the cities), villages, 40 new parts of the cities

These are general speed limits and the Speed Limit Signs will probably be in this range.


  • The limits shown above apply only if there are no other signs present, as the signs may prescribe a lower or a higher speed limit. We are dependent on local editors to verify these speeds.
  • currently WME allows to specify only one speed limit for a single road segment. If a road has variable speed limits, check with your group leader what method to use (lowest/highest/no speed limit, or map only the speed limit which is in effect most of the time during daylight hours/most hours of the day/days of the week).

Road Segment Locks

After updating the roads and having checked the routing, they can be locked to the locking standards for India. Don't forget to add stubs of connected lower-ranked roads, so that more editors may work on them. If you do not add stubs, do not lock, unless your group leader instruct differently.

Add Places

There are many touristic points of interest we would like to see in our Waze map. Use government and touristic information sites to find the websites of those Places. Then, enter the proper details. Please remember not to copy information from other sources than those that are allowed.

Add gas station. Here are some resources:

Please check [Wiki]

More information about adding Places can be found on the Places page.

Solve URs and MPs

URs (Request pin open-high.png Update Requests; map problems reported by waze users) and MPs (Problem pin open-high.png automatically generated Map Problems) show where the map needs work. We must solve them to fix the map. URs also give us a way to contact our fellow wazers, who may become interested in editing. Please follow the guidelines for problem reports in India.

Add Roads

If you notice any roads on the satellite layer that have not been added to the WME map, please first confirm that they exist before adding them. Make sure the road is complete, drivable, and is connected to the rest of the road network. Some clues you can use are:

  • GPS layer showing wazers are driving on the road
  • Street View on the road, showing it is in use
  • Information from local drivers who have been there (this can be you, if you have been there)

Some roads are partially completed. Before extending the road, make sure the "new" section is completed, drivable, and connected. If you are unsure about roads that were created by another editor before the mapraid, DO NOT delete them without instructions from a host or champ.

Road type

India road classification WME road type Unpaved attribute check box
Expressways Freeway No
National Highway (NH) Major Highway (MH) No
State Highway (SH) minor Highway (mH) Yes / No
Major Distric Road (MDR) Primary Street (PS) Yes / No
Rural Road Primary Street or Street Yes / No
Urban Road Primary Street or Street Yes / No

Surfaced lenght of roads in Rajasthan state on 31st march 2011 was 194797 km from total 241318 km roads. All NH are paved. On 31st march 2011 only 28 km of SH was unpaved (total 11300 km). Other PWD roads (MDR and PS) - out of total length (2011) of 113649, 4068 was unpaved. Rural roads unpaved on 2011 in Rajasthan was 60,92% out of total length of 92454 km. Urban roads unpaved on 2011 in Rajasthan was 2036 km (total 12564km). Urban roads unpaved on 2011 in Rajasthan was 2036 km (total 12564km).

Major District Roads (MDR) These are important roads within a district connecting areas of production with markets and connecting these with each other or with the State Highways & National Highways. It also connects Taluk headquarters and rural areas to District headquarters.

Other District Roads (ODR) Other District roads are the roads serving rural areas and providing them with outlet to market centers, Taluk head quarters, block head quarters or major district roads, and would serve to connect villages with a population of 1000 and above or a cluster of villages. These roads are owned by Highways Department.

Village Roads (VR) Village roads are roads connecting villages or cluster of villages with each other to the nearest road of a higher category. These roads are under the Control of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department.

For more information on adding roads, please see India Quickstart#Roads.

Improve Wiki pages

As we are currently updating our Indian wiki pages, we can use your help. Tell us where it is unclear, needs examples, or when pictures are outdated. We are grateful for your feedback. You can use this form India to do list to report your findings.

Mass edits and quality

We all want to drive with a good map! So, make sure you make quality edits that help all Wazers.

Your edits should always be constructive to the map. Be aware that we will monitor edits, so avoid unnecessary edits and hunting for points. Sanctions are strict, being banned from the mapraid and possibly from editing. In addition, Waze throttles your edits and points, meaning that you don't earn points for mass editing.

In short, if you make unneccesary edits:

  1. You will not get credited for your edits.
  2. You will not get any points for your edits.
  3. You will be REMOVED from the MapRaid immediately.
  4. Possibly banned from editing altogether.

Quality counts, not quantity!

  • If you are unsure about something, please ask.
  • Check and triple check.
  • We have great leaders here who can help you.
  • Let's make sure we do it right the first time, and set a great example for the rest of the world.

Saving Errors

Editing in some parts of India can be frustrating due to errors when trying to save. However there are a few simple steps you can take to solve the errors.

  1. Remain calm. Breathe IN and OUT.
  2. Close the warning pop-up
  3. Look for the nearest segment WITHOUT a name (red road)
  4. Select that segment, and add a name (or check 'none' box)
  5. Save
  6. Still get the error? Retry these steps

-to be elaborated-

If you can't make it work after several attempts you can always ask for help in the raid channel.

Editing Resources

Only use sources that are allowed by Waze.

Allowed sources:

  • Satellite Imagery and Street-view from within WME.
  • Websites from businesses.

NOT allowed sources:

  • Info from other Maps.
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street-view.

Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this mapraid. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!

Basic reference links

a printable double-sided tri-fold quick reference guide to some of the common topics used in WME. Please keep in mind it is made for USA originally, and some items do not apply.

Tools for this MapRaid

Many tools are available that can make the editing process much easier. However, we encourage editors to learn how to edit without using scripts. Scripts can have bugs and often need to be worked on if WME updates. If you start using scripts, always make yourself acquainted with the script before using it! There is a wiki page and a forum with more information about scripts.

To use the following scripts, you need to have TamperMonkey (available for Chrome and Firefox) or Greasemonkey (only Firefox) installed. There is a short instruction movie on youtube guiding installation.


  • a time and labor saving tool for responding to URs. There is a custom file for India.
  • Read the documentation.

WME Speedhelper

  • WME Speedhelper has made inputting speed data easy, with the use of handy speedsign images. You just need to select one or more segments and click the speed you want. If a segment isn't yet verified, don't worry, these checkboxes will be automatically checked.

WME Open in Mapillary

  • Open in Mapillary opens your current location in the editor on the Mapillary map. Mapillary is a service for crowdsourced street-level photos, and we are allowed to use these photos.
  • When installed, you'll see the Mapillary logo in the bottom right, clicking this will open the Mapillary website at the same location as where you're editing.
  • Keep in mind DO NOT USE the map itself, this is from OpenStreetMap, and IS NOT an allowed source

If you are using a tool or script, you are fully responsible for its use and its consequences. Please make sure that you understand the features of the script you are using. You will be held accountable for any side effects.


Join forces and have a nice Raid. Let´s make the map in Rajasthan outstanding!