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We are currently transferring the Indian wiki pages to the new Wazopedia.

If you find any inconsistency in the Indian Wazeopedia pages, please check the pages about Waze India in the old Wiki.

Thank you!

Partial Restrictions

We currently have not specified guidelines for India. Here is information from the global wazeopedia (USA oriented). In case of doubt, consult with the community.

Time based Restrictions

Vehicle based Restrictions

(Turn based restrictions)


Generally, in India, you pay toll at every toll booth you pass. You can choose between a single trip and a return trip. On Expressways, all vehicles pay toll. Some expressways don't allow motorcycles. Most other roads/bridges etc. are toll-free for motorcycles. There are also Checkpoints very much looking like toll booths, where taxes are payed, generally near State Borders and sometimes enering big Cities.

If you enter and exit a tolled road in between toll booths, there is no registration and hence no fee. In India, at highways you can often enter/exit in between toll booths for local traffic.

Mapping toll

In general:

  • map two segments through a toll booth ( or other devices that records and charges toll)
  • The junction is at the toll booth itself.
  • Add the toll that is applicable
  • The toll booth should be added as an Area Place (type: junction/interchange) when it is visible on the satellite picture

Full toll / Indian Expressways

On most Indian Expressways all vehicles pay toll at the toll booth. Most often, there is no connection to side roads between toll booths, unless these are resting areas or temporary stops. The price mostly depends on the distance driven.

  • Make/select two segments through each toll booth for both directions, at the start, the end and all intersections.
  • Add restrictions from the menu left
  • Check the toll checkbox at the bottom of the restrictions popup
  • In WME, the roads will show a blue line on top.

Don't check all segments of tolled road, except those that meet the above conditions. Example: Nice Rd

Toll-free for motorcycles / Other Indian Highways

Other highways generally are toll free for motorbikes.

  • Make/select two segments for eacht direction through a toll booth
  • Add restrictions from the menu left
  • Click Add new for Two way.
  • Choose "toll free"
  • Click the + and choose vehicle type
  • Click on Private and select Motorcycle
  • Click Apply

Watch this video:

Don't add any toll restriction on highway segments between toll booths, as people can drive there without paying toll. Example: Toll Booth (toll free for motorbikes)


At the borders of the states generally are checkpoints. Often they are close to a toll booth, but the road is being split. Commercial vehicles like trucks are lead to a side road where they need to pay toll/taxes. Private vehicles (white plates) can pass on the middle lanes without paying.

  • <this guideline is probably outdated> On the side roads, make sure to use the same road type and name as the middle lane. Check "toll" in the restrictions popup. Add (two-way) restriction "allowed", and add a new rule for Hazardous Material, Towing vehicle, and Truck respectively.
  • On the middle lane, add (two-way) restriction "prohibited" for Hazardous Material, Towing vehicle, and Truck.

Example: Chhattisgarh Border Check Post

Note: This guideline is currently under consideration

Always make a junction at the middle of the toll booth. Make sure every lane consists of 2 segments for each direction going through the toll booth.

Toll Prices

Currently, we are in the process of adding prices to the system. More info will follow