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Speed Limits


Speed Limits in India are expressed in km/h. The government has issued maximum speeds for road and vehicle types, but state and local authorities can adapt these to the local situation. As we cannot use WME Street View to verify Speed Limits, we will enter them according to the following guidelines:

  • Do not to override existing SLs
  • Check with local users and of course info from local URs
  • if no local users active, try local or state authorities
  • Info might be available from user-uploaded pictures on mapillary or GM, or youtube movies

The following states have speed limit regulations listed in this wiki, check there first:

If segments have no speed limits, and there is no local information available, you can add them according to the following table (Last updated: Aug 2019):
Road type Max speed limit km/h WME Road Type
Rural area Urban area
Expressway with access control

multilane, divider

120 --  Freeway 

4+ multilane, divided

100 70  Freeway   Major Highway   Minor Highway 

all others

70 40  Major Highway   Minor Highway   Primary Street 
Toll booth entrance roads

more info

40 40
Other roads

depending on the density of buildings and width of the roads (usual in old parts of the cities 20)

70 40,20  Primary Street   Street 

These are general speed limits and the Speed Limit Signs will probably be in this range.


  • The limits shown above apply only if there are no other signs present, as the signs may prescribe a lower or a higher speed limit. We are dependent on local editors to verify these speeds.
  • Motorcycles are prone to stricter rules: 80 km/h for urban highways, and 60 km/h for all other roads. Unfortunately, we cannot yet add vehicle based SLs in WME (see next note).
  • currently WME allows to specify only one speed limit for a single road segment. In case of variable speed limits, consult with the state manager or community management which method to apply (e.g., lowest/highest/no speed limit, or map only the speed limit which is in effect most of the time during daylight hours/most hours of the day/days of the week).