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The community maintains the Waze map and makes sure it works as best as possible. Therefore, we work together to make guidelines that are specific to India. The community of India is not very large yet, and much of the map in India is not maintained well. You can help by sharing your experiences, just drive around with Waze turned on or even edit the map yourself.

The Indian community

The community consists of people using Waze in any way; drivers, editors, wiki masters and the like. The current active community management in India is a mix of Indian and supportive international editors. For any question or suggestion you can contact them via general mail, or directly address one of the champs or project leaders directly from the tables below (click PM for direct Personal Message).

Community management of India

Community managers
lunarplexus (PM) global champcoordinatorcountry manager
cherianchris (PM) retired global champcountry manager
Supporting editors
moweez (PM) global champ mentor global champ coordinator country manager
local champ mentor global champ country manager

Special assigments projects

Social Media


Forum moderation

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Upgrading the road network



Scripts & tools



How can I contact Waze? Where can I find more information? Where can I post my questions? Waze is dependent upon the local community. A community requires people to communicate and organize. You can find most Waze editors on the Waze forum, chat platforms and social media. The community management is responsible for Waze in India. Please contact them for questions or assistance.



The forum is the official Waze communication platform where you can find a lot of information. You can read the latest information, learn from questions of other editors or ask a question yourself. Login to the Waze India forum using your Waze login and password that you also use in the app and the editor. In the forum you can also make use of Private Messages (PM). This is a kind of inbox, like your e-mail. When you receive a PM, you will also receive a message to your regular e-mail to inform you of the new message.



While you are editing, you can directly request help in WME chat. It shows you the level of the editor you are talking to. Please keep in mind that most editors are willing to help, but not all of them have the technical knowledge or editing experience to give you the best answer. Because the built-in chat does not always work as desired, we mostly use Slack©.


Slack is a community chat platform with many possibilities. There are teaching classes and webinars to improve your editing skills. There are several channels, project groups, Direct Messages (DM), and free calls too. If you like to join into discussions and development of Waze India, Slack gives the best opportunities. Ready to join? Request your invitation to Slack now!



A lot of information about Waze is available in the Waze Wiki. Because the situation, laws and habits differ in various countries, the guidelines specific to India are written in the local India pages. If you are opening pages outside the Indian pages, keep in mind that the guidelines of India always precede! The pages for Waze India all contain the tabs on top, so you will not get lost.
Tip: Click a link while holding Ctrl to open a page in a new tab.

The wiki pages in India are in the proces of getting updated. At the bottom of each Wiki page, the last update is shown. If this is more than half a year ago, please take into consideration that the information might be outdated. If there is anything unclear, contact your community.

Social Media

Waze facebook.jpg

India has a page on Facebook. The page is used mainly to inform anyone who is interested.


Follow Waze India on twitter.

Levels, roles and responsibilities

The Waze community knows ranks and roles, along with points and edit count. Among the editors, everyone starts as a beginner who works on parts of the map near where they drive. The editing tasks are shared by the whole community.

As editors gain experience, they increase in level, with an increase in editing area and the tools they can use. They also can be given new roles to perform for the community.


{add a word on levels in the app} Editing levels range from 1, given to editors starting out, to 6, reserved for those who’ve demonstrated the most understanding of mapping skills. With each advance from levels 1 to 4, the editor gains a wider range of editing area around the roads where they’ve driven. Neighborhood streets are usually open to all editors, but connecting roads and highways require higher ranks to edit. But beginning editors make important contributions too — adding speed limits to the streets, drawing new segments where they’re needed, creating and editing new Places on the map. With their first promotion, editors at Rank 2 can also moderate requests for Places on the map — approving or rejecting new Places or new Place photos or details. There are also new tools that can be used as rank is increased. A Rank 3 editor can restrict a road immediately when authorities close them for any reason.


Editors can take up more responsibility in roles:

  • An Area Manager (AM) is assigned an area open to editing regardless of driving history. The top managers and Waze can expand these areas in size as their experience grows. These editors take more responsibility for keeping up with changes needed on the map.
  • In most of the State are one or more editors actively taking up responsibility for the entire state or region, provide guidance to newer AMs and consult with top managers on various issues. In the future, these would be State Managers.
  • A Country Manager (CM) has countrywide editing access and provides support where it’s needed. This is primarily an editing role, but CMs also advise on management decisions.
  • Champs are the highest ranking editors who make the decisions on promotions, area expansions and other issues. A chart listing the current leaders is at the top of this page.

An extended description of these roles are listed on the page Roles & Responsibilities

State and City Management

State Management
State Local Editor Supporting Editor
Andhra Pradesh rain101 (PM)
Assam moweez (PM)
Bihar moweez (PM)
Chhattisgarh jack_hmr (PM)
Delhi lunarplexus (PM) ulle2 (PM)
Goa rain101 (PM)
Gujarat rain101 (PM)
Haryana lunarplexus (PM) ulle2 (PM)
Himachal Pradesh Kamonu (PM)
Jammu and Kashmir Kamonu (PM)
Jharkhand Walter-Bravo (PM)
Karnataka ShettyVikram (PM)
Kerala HappySwift (PM)
Madhya Pradesh StanisBR (PM)
Maharashtra Anikj (PM) rain101 (PM) Tiidu (PM)
Manipur CM
Nagaland inatoyeptho (PM)
Odisha jack_hmr (PM)
Punjab bekabu (PM) airchair (PM)
Rajasthan rain101 (PM) Tiidu (PM)
Sikkim moweez (PM)
Telangana CM
Tamil Nadu cherianchris (PM) jugr0 (PM)
Uttar Pradesh lunarplexus (PM) moweez (PM)
Uttarakhand McLarenHondaMCL32 (PM) Kamonu (PM)
WestBengal moweez (PM) rub-fig (PM)
City Management
Area State Local Editor Supporting Editor
Agra Uttar Pradesh CM
Ahmedabad Gujarat kunpurohit (PM)
Bengaluru Karnataka ShettyVikram (PM)
Chennai Tamil Nadu cherianchris (PM) jugr0 (PM)
Ernakulam Kerala Yathrakkaaran (PM)
Gurugram Haryana hsanivaram (PM) luitluit (PM)
New Delhi Delhi lunarplexus (PM)
Hyderabad Telangana Bogey2 (PM)
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Gmishx (PM)
Mysuru Karnataka davide7O (PM)
Mumbai Maharashtra Anikj (PM) rain101 (PM)
Pune Maharashtra sk2380 (PM) rain101 (PM)
Kolkata Bengal isin023 (PM) moweez (PM) rub-fig (PM)
Pollachi Tamil Nadu
Trivandrum Kerala HappySwift (PM)