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Narrow Street

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Narrow streets are drive-able, yet inconvenient for cars. It’s the kind of roads that are so narrow, you’d rather not get a route through when driving, unless it is significantly faster. However, as a motorcycle, narrow streets are convenient for navigation. Narrow Streets are unfavored for private cars and taxis, but function as normal street for motorcycles.

Narrow Roads will have a routing penalty for cars and taxis, not for motorcycles. Read more on the forum.

When to convert to narrow street?

If the roads are good for motorcycles, but difficult to pass for cars. In addition, there is a good alternative available.

When to avoid marking a narrow street?

If the roads are driveable and wide enough for at least 1 car to pass through comfortably, and it serves as a connection to other roads, while no other good alternatives are available.

Alternative: work with restrictions or Private Road type

  • Many Narrow Streets in India are not advisable for cars but well drivable for motorcycles, therefore we recommend to basically use the road type Street with a restriction set to "only allowed for motorcycles". Only if you're sure a car can drive through a specific alley, and you think including it in routing is a good idea, only then the road type Narrow road can be used.
  • When a residential area have narrow streets, but they are used by residents with cars, better use the road type Private Road on the entrance and exit segments of the area.