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Highway numbers in Waze

This page is under construction

In 2010, the government changed the road numbers of all highways. Hence you'll see 'old' and 'new' numbers on roads. However, since that time there is a lot of confusion; many road numbers didn't change for real, or people kept on using the 'old' numbering again. Hence government is planning to (partially) restore the 'old' numbers again. For Waze, we use the number as it is used locally. either by reports, or by seeing signage on pictures or videos´. As much as possible, we´ll include both old and new number to secure continuous naming. We are building a table with the applicable road numbers.

stretch (+length?), substretches (city-city) (+length?), old / new nr(s) (2010), name/number in waze primary field, last confirmed on date?