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This new page is currently undergoing modifications. The information presented should be considered a draft, not yet ready for use. Content is being prepared by one or more users. Do not make any changes before you post a message in this forum.
New Parking features are being rolled out to display Parking Lot Areas in the client app. It is now encouraged to convert point places to area places. New parking lot point places can no longer be created.
Use the guidance here to improve their name, data, shape, and placement. Current guidance is to add Parking Lot Area to the map, as the client is being updated. Initially we should focus on adding large and/or popular lots, but all lots should eventually be added.

The Parking Lot Area Place marks a well-defined area constructed for off-street public or private parking, including parking structures and garages as well as at-grade lots. The parking lot feature in the app will recommend parking lots to Wazers navigating to a nearby destination. Waze will recommend parking lots within 1km of a Wazer's destination. As the feature matures, Waze will recommend the 'most popular' lots that other Wazers have chosen when navigating to the same destination.

Area or Point

Parking lots can ONLY be added as an area as of 1st August 2016. They are a special place category; you cannot add other categories to a parking lot place, or convert/add a parking lot category to another kind of place.

Parking Lot Point Place

As of this writing, you can no longer add Parking Lots as a point place.
Existing point places should be evaluated for inclusion and either converted to an area if applicable or deleted to solve the Map Problem (MP) report.

Existing point places Underground Parking Lot are still under discussion.
Existing point place Multi Entrance Parking Lot please leave it first until the Parking Lot multi entrance feature has been implement, WazeMY community has request the new feature of multi entrance for Parking Lot.

Creating And Editing Parking Lot Areas

Place Layer Menu

When editing or creating parking lots and related URs, MPs, & PURs, please make sure you have the Parking Lots layer enabled (under Places) as show on the Place Layer Menu image so the existing Parking Lots Area on the map are not hidden.

Creating Parking Lot

The Parking Lot Area Place should never be attached/snapped to roads. Places snapped to roads are difficult to edit.
For planned parking lot features to be announced later, it's important that the shape of the polygon be drawn as close as possible to the actual shape of the parking lot, including the entry/exit location. Keeping in mind that for multi-level garages, only the footprint of the structure should be outlined.

On–Premises Parking Lots

It is important to create 2 separate places - one for the complex / place, and one for its designated parking lot.

  • For the Roof Parking Lot, create the shape of the polugon as close as possible to the actual shape of the parking lot.
  • For In-House Parking Lot, treat it as an Underground Parking Lots.

Multiple parking lots for one premise: Create separate parking lots so the best parking lot can be recommended.
Valet parking - Valet is a service attribute of a place but is also an attribute for a parking lot.

Underground Parking Lots

It is still important to map these correctly so they can be routed to properly, and recommended appropriately in the client to users. Since the underground portion of the garage is not visible to drivers, it is not important to be displayed fully in the app.
For underground garages it is not important to create a polygon to match the internal perimeter since there is no GPS signal underground, just create a tiny area place at the entrance of the underground garages is enough for the routing purpose. It is not important however to draw the polygon to the entire footprint of the garage. The accuracy of the entry point (Setting the stop point) is very important.

Temporary Parking Lots

Temporary lots for use at festivals, parades, concerts, etc., where temporary parking is being established specifically for the event are not recommended to be map.

On-Street Parking

Donot mapped on-street parking as a Parking Lot Area.


Starting on 25th July 2017, Parking Lot Category can be convert to other category.

Parking related data will be lost in conversion.
When adding new category Parking Lot Category will be removed & vice versa.


Like all Places, Parking Lots Places should be named. Naming the Parking Lot should start with “[P]” in-front of it Primary Name.

If a parking facility or area has a documented identity, its Place should reflect that name to facilitate searches. Generic park-and-ride lots should be named consistently, for example as "Park & Ride".

The foundational guidance for naming a Parking Lot Area when the lot serves another entity, is to follow this basic format:

[P] Parking Facility Name (Can be place or business name) Parking Descriptor

“[P]” in the Primary Name indicating that this place is a Parking Lot Area.
There is only one place/business served in any lot name, and the rest of the name is the descriptor.

The descriptor can be:

The parking Descriptor can be leave unfill since the parking facility is open to public
  • For open un-named parking facility, both Parking Facility Name and The Parking Descritor can be leave unfill.
  • For single-business – single-lot (both visitor and staff share the same parking facility)
[P] Bangunan Persekutuan
  • For fully open to public.
  • If the public parking facility has it official name, use the official name as the Parking Facility Name.
[P] Tempat Letak Kereta Bertingkat PJ (Komplek A)
  • If the public parking facility donot has a documented identity, but are located in a area that have documented identity.
[P] Olive Hill Business Park
Purpose Descriptive
Where there is only one lot of the type
[P] ASTRO Visitor Season Parking
[P] ASTRO Staff Parking
Location Descriptive
Named Parking Lot Area (where the parking facility is given an official name) are normally operated by Car Park Management Company. For this type of parking facility, all the parking facility that are operated under the same Car Park Management will share the same common name. Using the parking facility location as Parking Descriptor will help Wazer's identify the parking facility.
[P] Park Safe Serdang Perdana
For the municipality provides public parking facility without any documented or signed identity. These can be named with the municipality and follow by the location as Parking Descriptor, for example, "Redwood City Public Parking".
[P] Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan Teluk Cempedak


WazeMY community are now in the progress of listing all the Car Park Management in Malaysia.
For the Wazer that wish to contribute on this section, please do contact the WazeMY Local Camps.

When there is a recognized parking operator, select it from the list, otherwise, leave this field blank. If an Operator is missing from the list that you feel should be added, please send the information to WazeMY Global Camps (GC).
For the parking facility that are operated by the business owner themselves, leave this field blank.


Any parking lot which is fully restricted in some way (e.g. permit/resident/customer only), and not open to the public for general parking, must include that information as the first line of the description. If only some of the available spots are restricted, but there are some spots in the lot open to the public for general parking, then it should not be mentioned.
Example :-

  • "Parking by hospital staff only."
  • "Free parking for 1 hours."
  • "Parking restricted to 2 hours or less"

If you know the details or times of the restrictions you may add that information in the descriptions as well for Wazers to see. This will also help for when those features become available in WME to have the details handy for mapping.
For the paid parking facility, if you know the details of the fare, you may add that information in the descriptions to inform the Wazers about the fare for that parking facility. This will become helpful if the parking fare features is been activate in WME to have the details handy for mapping.

Locking Standards

Due to the major shift in editing guidelines for Parking Lot Area Place, it is recommended that once a Parking Lot Area has been added, that it be locked to Level 3 to avoid newer editors, or those not familiar with the change, from editing or deleting the Parking Lot Area.


For the Parking Lot Area that only have single entrance, use the street/road that near the entrance as it address.
For the Parking Lot Area that have multi entrance and it have documented identity address, use the documented identity address as the Parking Lot Area address in Waze, else use the street/road that are near to it main entrance (normally at the main entrance will have signage on it) as it address.

Interface - More Info

Parking Lot Area Place More Info Tab

Primary Lot Type

At the top of the 'More Info' tab when a parking lot is selected you can set the Primary Lot Type. This setting affects whether a lot will be recommended in the client app when a Wazer searches for nearby parking, or as a suggested lot when searching for a destination. Any lots marked here as Restricted or Private will not be recommended to any users in the app for the time being. As the feature is further developed, there will be the ability to set more details on these restrictions so the lots may be recommended under certain circumstances. As of March 2017 these are the guidelines accepted for the application of these settings, designed for optimal user experience.

  • Mark all parking lots with unrestricted public access as Public. This includes free and publicly owned parking lots, as well as for-profit garages, in which a Wazer may park, regardless of intent.
  • Mark parkings lots where some restrictions apply (customers, patrons, visitors) as Restricted.
  • Mark parking lots where parking is restricted to a specific audience (residents of an apartment parking lot, employee garage of an office complex) as Private.

Opening Hours


Hours parking lot is open. Set open times for the lot or select each day and the All day radio button for lots open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Cars Can Exit When Lot Is Closed
Check if the parking lot or garage does not restrict egress after the parking lot is considered closed.