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'''Places''Tempat' are searchable destinations in the '''' adalah destinasi carian dalam Peta Waze map. They are similar to the Ianya menerupai "Points of InterestTempat Menarik (P.O.I.)" found in certain yang ada pada alat popular GPS devicestertentu. <br />
'''''Area''''' Places appear as polygons in the Waze app. Too many of them can clutter the map, creating large gray zones that do not help Wazers orient themselves. Therefore, it is important to use area places only when they are distinctive and significant enough to orient drivers.<br />
| There are very few parking lots which should be mapped at all.<br />
{{font color|Maroon|Special Parking Lot for public}}<br />
{{font color|Indigo|For the existing Parking Lot in Point type, please remain it first until futher notice from WazeMY Local CampChamps.}}
| Transportation
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