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Waze is an input-based GPS navigation application from the 'community'. Hence, it is natural that a number of users in Malaysia have created a local community, just like any other community in each country.

This community is very active, helpful to each other and recognizes the contribution of each member and also publishes a learning mechanism for those who want to contribute directly in map editing.

Community Meetup Locations link to this section

In addition to this Wiki, you can also access more information or get help related to Waze by contacting members of the local community on social networks.

Various communication channels are available to you ...

Waze Forum

Waze has an Official Forum channel utilizing the phpBB platform as a discussion arena among members of the Waze community from around the world. Any kind of Waze-related topics will be discussed here.

40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Global)
40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Malaysia)

It should be noted here that global communication is generally in English. However, there is also a special forum in Bahasa Malaysia.

40pxAccess to the Official Waze Forum (Malaysia) - Bahasa Malaysia

Social Media Network

You can also follow and participate in Waze community activities on major social media networks:

40px Access to the Unofficial Page of Waze Malaysia on Facebook

40px Access to the Unofficial Account of Waze Malaysia on Twitter

40px Access to the Waze Malaysia community group on Facebook

In addition, there is also a special Facebook group for members of the community from the Borneo archipelago (WP Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei).

40px Access to the WazeBORNEO community group on Facebook

Chat Window on the Waze Map Editor (WME)

For map editors, there is a special window on the bottom of the interface of the Waze Map Editor that has built-in instant messaging feature (called Chat) to quickly exchange messages for anything related to editing. You can find more information in the Editing wiki section.

Rank and Points link to this section

Waze adopts a set mechanism to reward user-contributed contributions from Waze communities. This translates to your rank and position award compared to other users in your country or worldwide.

The more you drive, the more you contribute

You will definitely benefit the people around you, simply by enabling Waze passively before each drive. Your current speed data (though not in Navigation mode) will contribute valuable information about traffic congestion, and to calculate optimal routes to all other users in your area.

Each type of event you report on the trip, whether it is traffic congestion, roadblocks or bad road conditions, etc., will be posted to the communities around you.

You will be awarded points / scores for each action taken, followed by increase in position which will give you access to a slightly different look for your 'mood' icon on the Waze map.

40px 40px 47px 40px 40px

For more information, see the article on Rank and Points

Edit the Map for the Greater Good

Mapping is also a way to contribute to the effectiveness of Waze's functions and earn rewards. In order to prevent the map from being damaged by less experienced editors, the Waze community has published a step-by-step mechanism in the form of edits that will gradually increase in area, starting from small areas around your drive and on secondary roads (where minor edits do not cause major damage on map quality), followed by assigned areas and ultimately the entire country.

Further information on the edit area will be detailed on the Rank and Points article.

Zone Management, Mentoring dan Roles link to this section

For users who intend to venture into mapping, or engage in the Waze community, there are several ways to do so.

Therefore, it is possible for you to take over a geographic area and become Area Manager of that zone. The size and location of the given zone depends on the editing experience.

In this regard, to enable potential Area Managers to manage their areas efficiently, then one Mentoring Programme has been set up. New editors will be assisted by an experienced editor during the trial period, where he will be trained on the best practices of editing. The most important part of this phase is to gain knowledge from this wiki and to sharpen the skills in editing.

Other roles and responsibilities within the Waze community depend on editor's aspirations and experience. This will be further detailed in the Roles and Responsibilities article.

Waze Malaysia Leaders link to this section

The following is a list of Waze community members who are responsible at the national level on managing the Waze community in Malaysia.