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Welcome to the special Wiki for Waze map editing. You will find all information needed to begin editing correctly in the Waze Map Editor (WME), our online map editing interface .

The THREE keywords which becomes a mantra for all map editors are

« Usability, Simplicity, Retention »

Make it useful, keep it simple, and do not delete.

Please read Best Practices first before attempting your first edits.

If you are having trouble with editing

First reflex action: I can refer to the wiki

You are at the right place! You can find the solution to frequently asked issues in this wiki. All information displayed here is a guideline that must be followed by every map editor in Malaysia to ensure consistent map editing.

You can use the search box at the top left of the Wiki, but its search engine is not as powerful as Google and it may be easier to use the 'Quick Navigation' at the top of almost every Malaysian Wiki page to find the right topic for you.

Be very careful when looking up for map editing guidelines from other countries in this wiki, as each guideline in the local Wazeopedia is respective to that particular country and may not apply to Malaysia.

Second reflex action: I can refer to my fellow editors

You can request help from other editors. More experienced people can give you the advice you need. You can contact them:

  1. From Discussion Forum. Similar questions may have been asked before. Observe messages that were sent previously before you send a new message in the correct category.
  2. From the Quick Messaging (Chat) online interface function (WME, Waze Map Editor)

Map Source Terms of Use

Google's terms of use restricts use of their map information to specific conditions and Waze has the proper licensing to use what you see inside the Waze Map Editor, but nothing else.

These restrictions also apply to you. You are allowed to use Google Aerial / Satellite Image and Google Street View as a reference (as if you were viewing a map in the atlas). In addition to these resources, you can not reproduce information from other mapping devices or copyrighted sources from the local authority.

' Using any source of external copyright information puts the Waze maps under danger of being forced to revert all changes done to the map in your area / country. '

Previously, Waze has removed all maps from Chile and other countries in South America because of unauthorized sources of data have been used by local editors.