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| MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart || || Personal Care || || e.g., MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart Setapak || [http://www.magicboo.net/branch.php MAGICBOO] || Point / Titik ||
| MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart || || Personal Care || || e.g., MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart Setapak || [http://www.magicboo.net/branch.php MAGICBOO] || Point / Titik ||
| Magnum 4D || || Casino || || || [http://www.magnumit.com/magnum4d/Modules/where-to-buy.aspx Magnum 4D] || Point / Titik ||
| Magnum 4D || || Casino || || || [https://www.magnum4d.my/en/help#outlet Magnum 4D] || Point / Titik ||
| Mail Boxes Etc || MBE || Post Office || || e.g., Mail Boxes Etc Bukit Tinggi || [http://www.mbe.com.my/locator.html Mail Boxes Etc] || ||
| Mail Boxes Etc || MBE || Post Office || || e.g., Mail Boxes Etc Bukit Tinggi || [http://www.mbe.com.my/locator.html Mail Boxes Etc] || ||
Line 251: Line 251:
| SME Bank || || Bank / Financial || || || [http://www.smebank.com.my/branch/ SME Bank] || Point / Titik ||
| SME Bank || || Bank / Financial || || || [http://www.smebank.com.my/branch/ SME Bank] || Point / Titik ||
| Sports Toto || || Casino || || e.g., Sports Toto Jalan Maju || [http://www.sportstoto.com.my/m_web/contactus_sales_outlet.asp Sports Toto] || Point / Titik || [http://totolive.sportstoto.com.my/stoto Main Website]
| Sports Toto || || Casino || || e.g. Sports Toto Jalan Maju || [https://www.sportstoto.com.my/contactus_sales_outlet.asp Sports Toto] || Point / Titik || [https://www.sportstoto.com.my/  Main Website]
| SRITI || Sekolah Rendah Integrasi Teras Islam || School  || || e.g. SRITI Raudhatul Jannah, SRITI Al-Ta'lim || || Point / Titik ||  Please confirm each SRITI branch by signage on-site
| SRITI || Sekolah Rendah Integrasi Teras Islam || School  || || e.g. SRITI Raudhatul Jannah, SRITI Al-Ta'lim || || Point / Titik ||  Please confirm each SRITI branch by signage on-site

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Note: Naming convention for ALL place should be as follows : e.g., 7-Eleven Jalan Pahang'

Primary Name Alternate Name Primary Category Alt. Category Comments Locator Link Place Type Additional Info
7-Eleven 7-11 Convenience Store ATM e.g., 7-Eleven Jalan Pahang 7-Eleven Point / Titik Main Website
99 Speedmart Convenience Store e.g., 99 Speedmart Taman Putra Perdana Speedmart Point / Titik
ABX Express Post Office e.g., ABX Express Ipoh ABX Express Point / Titik
AEON Shopping Center Skip the "Shopping Centre" at naming AEON Area / Kawasan
AEON BiG Supermarket AEON BiG Point / Titik
AFFINBANK Affin Bank Bank / Financial ATM AFFINBANK Point / Titik
Agrobank Bank Pertanian Bank / Financial ATM Agrobank Point / Titik
Al Rajhi Bank Bank / Financial ATM e.g. Al Rajhi Bank KL Main, Al Rajhi Bank Sungai Petani (1) Al Rajhi Bank branches within Klang Valley
(2) Al Rajhi Bank branches outside Klang Valley
(3) Al Rajhi Bank ATM locations
Point / Titik
Al-Ikhsan Sports Sporting Goods Al-Ikhsan Sports Point / Titik
Alliance Bank Bank / Financial ATM Alliance Bank Point / Titik
ASNB Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad Bank / Financial e.g., ASNB Cawangan Ipoh ASNB Point / Titik
AmBank Bank / Financial ATM AmBank Point / Titik
Bank Islam Bank / Financial ATM Bank Islam Point / Titik
Bank Muamalat Bank / Financial ATM Bank Muamalat Point / Titik
Bank of China Bank / Financial ATM Bank of China Point / Titik
Bank Rakyat Bank / Financial ATM Bank Rakyat Point / Titik
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Baskin-Robbins Point / Titik
BHPetrol Gas Station ATM, Convenience Store BHPetrol Area / Kawasan
Big Pharmacy Pharmacy e.g., Big Pharmacy PJ Old Town Big Pharmacy Point / Titik
BP Healthcare Doctors / Clinic BP Healthcare Point / Titik
Brainy Bunch Brainy Bunch International School School e.g., Brainy Bunch Bandar Sri Permaisuri Brainy Bunch Point / Titik
BSN Bank Simpanan Nasional Bank / Financial ATM BSN Point / Titik
BuraqOil Gas Station ATM, Convenience Store BuraqOil Area / Kawasan
Caltex Gas Station ATM, Convenience Store e.g., Caltex Jalan Pahang Caltex Area / Kawasan
Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) Cambridge English Center School e.g., Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) Bandar Kinrara CEFL Point / Titik
Caring Pharmacy Pharmacy Caring Pharmacy Point / Titik
CIMB Bank Bank / Financial ATM CIMB Bank Point / Titik
Citibank Bank / Financial ATM Citibank Point / Titik
City-Link Express Post Office City-Link Express Point / Titik
Cold Storage Supermarket Cold Storage Point / Titik
Co-opbank Pertama CBP / Bank Persatuan Bank / Financial e.g. Co-opbank Pertama Kuala Lumpur, Co-opbank Pertama Taiping Co-opbank Pertama Point / Titik
Cosway Pharmacy Personal Care Cosway Point / Titik
Courts Furniture / Home Store Electronics e.g. Courts Batu Pahat, Courts Jelapang Courts Point / Titik
Da Ma Cai Damacai Casino e.g., Da Ma Cai Jalan Genuang Da Ma Cai Point / Titik
Darussyifa' Pusat Rawatan xxx / Pusat Rawatan Kecil xxx Organisation or Association e.g. Darussyifa’ Bandar Baru Bangi, Darussyifa' Shah Alam Darussyifa' Point / Titik Pusat Rawatan / Pusat Rawatan Kecil will be put under Description.
DHL Post Office e.g., DHL Ipoh Service Centre DHL Point / Titik
Domino's Pizza Fast Food Domino's Point / Titik
Dunkin' Donuts Fast Food Dunkin' Donuts Point / Titik
Eco-Shop Convenience Store e.g. Eco-Shop Simpang Pulai Eco-Shop Point / Titik
Econsave Supermarket / Grocery e.g. Econsave Pandamaran, Econsave Lahad Datu Econsave Area
Area for outlets with standalone building, and dedicated parking lots for customers (e.g. Econsave Balakong, Econsave Jelapang, Econsave Manjung)

Point for mall tenants, premises occupying multiple shoplots, no dedicated parking for customers (e.g. Econsave Klang Parade, Econsave Bahau, Econsave Bintangor)

Ecotint Garage / Automotive Shop e.g. Ecotint Desa Sri Hartamas (follow as per website name) Ecotint Point / Titik
Espressolab Coffee shop eg: Espressolab Damansara Jaya Espressolab Point / Titik
FamilyMart Convenience Store e.g., FamilyMart Kuchai Lama FamilyMart Point / Titik
Fun n Cheer Fun Cheer, 中国风 Shopping & Services eg: Fun n Cheer Taman Megah Point / Titik
GDEX GD Express Post Office GD Express Point / Titik
Genius Aulad Kindergarten e.g., Genius Aulad Cyberjaya Genius Aulad Point / Titik
Giant Mall Shopping Center e.g. Giant Shah Alam Mall, Giant Bayan Baru Mall Giant Malls Malaysia Area / Kawasan
Giant Supermarket / Superstore / Hypermarket Supermarket e.g. Giant Supermarket Amcorp Mall, Giant Superstore Pandan Kapital, Giant Hypermarket Falim Giant Stores Malaysia Point / Titik
GIATMARA College / University e.g., GIATMARA Kepala Batas GIATMARA Area / Kawasan
Guardian Pharmacy Personal Care e.g., Guardian Kuala Kangsar Guardian Point / Titik
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Haagen-Dazs Point / Titik
HeroMarket Supermarket / Grocery e.g., HeroMarket Damansara Damai HeroMarket Point / Titik
HLK Chain-Store Department Store HLK Chain-Store Point / Titik
Hong Leong Bank HLB Bank / Financial ATM Hong Leong Bank Point / Titik
HSBC Bank Bank / Financial ATM HSBC Bank Point / Titik
ILKKM Institut Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia College / University e.g., ILKKM Sungai Buloh ILKKM Area / Kawasan
ILP Institut Latihan Perindustrian College / University e.g., ILP Kuala Lumpur ILP Area / Kawasan
Jakel Fashion and Clothing e.g., Jakel Shah Alam Jakel Point / Titik
J&T Express Post Office J&T Express + outlet code e.g. J&T Express PJS419 J&T Express Point / Titik Alternate Name: Outlet name as displayed in branch locator e.g. J&T Express PCP BBST 419
KAMDAR Fashion and Clothing KAMDAR Point / Titik
Kedai Ayamas Fast Food Kedai Ayamas Point / Titik
KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Indicate if its a Drive Thru outlet. XXX DT. KFC Point / Titik
KK Super Mart Convenience Store KK Super Mart
Point / Titik
Klinik Kita Doctors / Clinic e.g., Klinik Kita Wangsa Maju Klinik Kita Point / Titik
Klinik Komuniti Klinik 1Malaysia Doctors / Clinic e.g., Klinik Komuniti Alma Klinik 1Malaysia Point / Titik
Klinik Mediviron Doctors / Clinic e.g., Klinik Mediviron Sungai Buloh Klinik Mediviron Point / Titik
KTM Train Station e.g., KTM Tanjung Malim Point / Titik Main Website
Kumon Professional and Public School e.g., Kumon Greentown Kumon Point / Titik Main Website
LaundryBar Laundry / Dry Clean e.g., LaundryBar Saujana Putra LaundryBar Point / Titik
Little Caliphs Kindergarten e.g., Little Caliphs Taman Maluri Little Caliphs Point /Titik
LLumar Tint Auto Garage / Automotive Shop e.g., LLumar Chan Sow Lin (follow as per website name) Tint Auto Point / Titik
MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart Personal Care e.g., MAGICBOO Beauty HyperMart Setapak MAGICBOO Point / Titik
Magnum 4D Casino Magnum 4D Point / Titik
Mail Boxes Etc MBE Post Office e.g., Mail Boxes Etc Bukit Tinggi Mail Boxes Etc
Manjaku Fashion and Clothing e.g., Manjaku Parit Buntar Manjaku Point / Titik
Marrybrown Fast Food Indicate if its a Drive Thru outlet. XXX DT. Marrybrown Point / Titik
Maybank Bank / Financial ATM Maybank Point / Titik
MBSB Bank Bank / Financial e.g. MBSB Bank Kuala Lumpur MBSB Bank Point / Titik No ATM services at the moment
McDonald's Fast Food Indicate if its a Drive Thru outlet. XXX DT. McDonald's Point / Titik
MEPS ATM ATM e.g., MEPS ATM PETRONAS Bandar Meru Raya MEPS ATM Point / Titik Applied to all ATM outside it's own premises
MR. D.I.Y. Mr DIY Department Store Hardware Store e.g., MR. D.I.Y. Parit Buntar MR. D.I.Y. Point / Titik
MRSM Maktab Rendah Sains MARA School e.g., MRSM Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM Area / Kawasan
MSIG Bank / Financial Office e.g. MSIG Petaling Jaya MSIG Point / Titik
Mydin Shopping Center / Supermarket MYDIN Point / Titik
MyMydin Convenience Store MyMydin Point / Titik
myNEWS.com Convenience Store e.g. myNEWS.com Nu Sentral myNEWS.com Point / Titik
Nando’s Restaurant Nando's Point / Titik
Nationwide Express Post Office Nationwide Express Point / Titik
NSK Supermarket / Grocery e.g. NSK Selayang, NSK Seremban 2 NSK Area / Kawasan Place Type is Point / Titik if outlet is part of another building, e.g. NSK KL
OCBC Bank Bank / Financial ATM OCBC Bank Point / Titik
OldTown White Coffee Coffee Shop e.g., OldTown White Coffee AEON Station 18 OldTown White Coffee Point / Titik Privacy Policy
OYO # [HotelName] Hotel e.g. OYO 220 Hotel Sri Maluri, OYO 1007 Grand Supreme Hotel, OYO 89300 Zen Garden Resort OYO Hotels Point / Titik OYO Homes are not to be mapped.
PappaRich Restaurant PappaRich Point / Titik
Pasaraya Ku Fashion and Clothing Pasaraya Ku Point / Titik
PASTI Pusat Asuhan Tunas Islam Kindergarten e.g. PASTI Darul Hana, PASTI Al-Hijrah PASTI Point / Titik Please confirm each PASTI branch by signage on-site
Peace Collections Fashion and Clothing e.g. Peace Collections Bandar Darulaman Jaya Peace Collections Point / Titik
Perodua Service Centre Garage / Automotive Shop e.g., Perodua Service Centre Jalan Salim Perodua Service Centre Point / Titik
Petron Gas Station ATM, Convenience Store Petron Area / Kawasan
PETRONAS Gas Station ATM, Convenience Store e.g., PETRONAS Rawang Industrial Park 1 (NGV) PETRONAS Area / Kawasan
Petsmore Pet store/Veterinarian services Petsmore Point / Titik
Pizza Hut Fast Food e.g. Pizza Hut Jalan Imbi, Pizza Hut Plaza Damai Pizza Hut Point / Titik Add DT after place name to indicate Drive Thru outlets.
Pizza Hut Delivery Fast Food e.g. Pizza Hut Delivery Matang, Pizza Hut Delivery Dataran Sunway Pizza Hut Point / Titik
Pos Laju Post Office Pos Laju Point / Titik
Pos Malaysia Pejabat Pos Post Office Pos Malaysia Point / Titik
Proton Service Centre / Proton Edar Garage / Automotive Shop e.g., Proton Edar Jalan Laksamana , Proton Service Centre Jalan Ipoh Proton Edar / Proton Service Centre Point / Titik
Public Bank Bank / Financial ATM Public Bank Point / Titik
Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari PPHHSB Fashion and Clothing Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari Point / Titik
PUSPAKOM Car Services e.g., PUSPAKOM Perai PUSPAKOM Point / Titik
Ramly Halal Mart Fast Food Convenience Store e.g., Ramly Halal Mart Shah Alam (follow as per website name) Ramly Halal Mart Point / Titik
redONE Telecom e.g., redONE - Legend Photo (Follow with shop name) redONE Point / Titik
Restoran Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee Restaurant Restoran Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee Point / Titik
RHB Bank RHB Islamic Bank / Financial ATM RHB Bank Point / Titik
Rotiboy Rotiboy Bakeshoppe Sdn. Bhd. Bakery Restaurant e.g., Rotiboy Kolam Air Lama Rotiboy Point / Titik
Secret Recipe Restaurant e.g., Secret Recipe Parit Buntar Secret Recipe Point / Titik
Senheng Electronics Senheng Point / Titik
Shell Gas Station "ATM, Convenience Store" Shell Area / Kawasan
SKYNET Post Office SKYNET Point / Titik
SlimWorld Personal Care e.g. SlimWorld Wangsa Maju SlimWorld Point / Titik
Smart Reader Kids Professional and Public School e.g., Smart Reader Kids Bandar Darulaman Jaya Smart Reader Kids Point / Titik
SME Bank Bank / Financial SME Bank Point / Titik
Sports Toto Casino e.g. Sports Toto Jalan Maju Sports Toto Point / Titik Main Website
SRITI Sekolah Rendah Integrasi Teras Islam School e.g. SRITI Raudhatul Jannah, SRITI Al-Ta'lim Point / Titik Please confirm each SRITI branch by signage on-site
Standard Chartered Bank SCB Bank / Financial ATM Standard Chartered Bank Point / Titik
Standard Chartered Saadiq Bank / Financial ATM Perbankan Islamik SCB Standard Chartered Saadiq Point / Titik Main Website
Starbucks Coffee Shop Indicate if its a Drive Thru outlet. XXX DT. Starbucks Point / Titik
SUBWAY Fast Food SUBWAY Point / Titik
SugarBun Fast Food SugarBun Point / Titik
Tabung Haji TH Bank / Financial e.g. Tabung Haji Parit Tabung Haji Point / Titik Counter Operation Hours
TCE Tackles TCE Tackles Sdn. Bhd. Sporting Goods e.g. TCE Tackles Cheras, TCE Tackles Gurun TCE Tackles Point / Titik
Tealive Food And Drink e.g, Tealive Bukit Indah Tealive Point / Titik
Tesco Shopping Center / Supermarket Tesco Point / Titik
TF Value-Mart Supermarket TF Value-Mart Point / Titik
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Shop e.g., The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ipoh Parade The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Point / Titik
The Store Supermarket / Grocery Department Store e.g. The Store Kuantan, The Store Jalan Kampar The Store Point / Titik In the case of multiple outlets in the same city (e.g. KL) use the next listed name after city as the differentiator (e.g. The Store Mid Point, The Store Pudu Plaza)
TMpoint Telecom Electronic (applicable for TAD only) e.g. TMpoint Bangsar, TMpoint Melawati TMpoint Point / Titik
Toys“R”Us Toy Store e.g., Toys“R”Us Fahrenheit 88 Toys”R"Us Point / Titik
Twins Baby Fashion and Clothing e.g., Twins Baby Penang Twins Baby Point / Titik
UiTM Universiti Teknologi MARA College / University e.g., UiTM Kampus Bertam UiTM Area / Kawasan
Umobile Umobile Telecom e.g., Umobile Masai Umobile Point / Titik
UOB United Overseas Bank Bank / Financial ATM UOB Point / Titik
Village Grocer Supermarket / Grocery e.g. Village Grocer Bangsar Village, Village Grocer Citta Mall Village Grocer Point / Titik Village Grocer HQ Sunway Nexis is an Office
Watsons Personal Care Pharmacy Watsons Point / Titik
Yamaha Music School Sri Irama Sdn Bhd, etc Professional and Public School e.g.,Yamaha Music School Bandar Baru Klang Yamaha Music School Point / Titik
Zurich Bank / Financial Office (for agencies, not main branches) ATM (where Zurich ATM is available) e.g. Zurich Petaling Jaya Zurich Point / Titik Indicate 'Insurance' and/or 'Takaful' inside the description

MyRapid Public Transport Station Naming Format

MyRapid is a transportation system that mostly covering the Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley areas.
The acronym of MyRapid stands for Malaysia Rangkaian Pengangkutan Intergrasi Deras.

Transit Type Line Main Category
Naming Website
Underground Format Example
Light Rail Transit
Ampang Train Train
AG## <Station Name> LRT AG9 Hang Tuah LRT Monorail and LRTs
Seri Petaling SP## <Station Name> LRT SP9 Hang Tuah LRT
Kelana Jaya KJ## <Station Name> LRT KJ12 Bukit Nanas LRT
K.L. Monorail MR## <Station Name> Monorail MR4 Hang Tuah Monorail
Mass Rapid Transit
SBK## <Station Name> MRT SBK16 Pasar Seni MRT MRT Operated By Rapid KL
Bus Rapid Transit
Sunway Bus Station SB## <Station Name> BRT SB1 Sunway – Setia Jaya BRT BRT Sunway Line