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'''Map updates''' may refer to:
<span style="color:#0000FF">{{{1|}}}</span><noinclude>{{doc}}</noinclude>
* Map updates, the total points a Waze editor has displayed on their [[Dashboard#Your_Rank_and_Points|Dashboard]]
* Map updates, related to the FAQ question [[FAQ#When_do_my_edits_show_up_in_the_Waze_app.3F|When do my edits show up in the Waze app]]
* Map updates, how often the servers are updated through the [[timeline of updating process]]
* Map updates, made by users through the [[Waze Map Editor]]
It may also refer to:
* [[Update Requests in Waze Map Editor]], the balloon icons from user reported map problems
* [[Map Problems in Waze Map Editor]], the balloon icons from automated system reports

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