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==<big>'''Community Rules Namibia'''</big>==
==do not use this page as the official Namibia Main Page. Language is incorrect==
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Please follow this link to the Namibia Main Page : [[Main Page]]
|'''Welcome to the Namibia Wazeopedia page. Currently under construction.'''
<big>Abbreviations used</big><br>
<br />
==Quick Start Guide==
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Thank you for your interest in improving the Waze client experience in Namibia
Before you blindly start editing, make sure you look at the [[Tips for successful editing.]]
To get started, make sure you are up to speed with the basics of how to use the WME. Editing is a time consuming activity, so it could be handy to use the [[Keyboard Shortcuts]] (by pressing "?" while using WME shows a panel thereof).
===Logging in===
Be sure to select the appropriate server based on the part of the world you are editing. For [https://www.waze.com/editor?env=row&lon=17.08867&lat=-22.56689&s=20531118079&zoom=4 Namibia] select under the Environment drop down, the "World"  setting from the setting tab on the left of the screen. The URL in the browser should look similar to: https://www.waze.com/editor
If prompted to login, use the same username and password as you do on the Waze client app and the rest of the Waze website.
===<big>'''Namibian Road Classification'''</big>===
====Trunk Roads====
*The most important roads, which connect main centres in the country with centres in neighbouring countries; proclaimed with a road reserve of 60m.
*Signposted with TRxxxx on the particular section, example T0101 or T0501
*Entered as Alt name in WME, forms parts of A or B routes
*Route name signposted
Main Roads
District Roads
Farm Roads
==='''Numbered Routes'''===
A - Routes
B -Routes
C - Routes
==='''Namibian Regional and Trans Continental Highways'''===
Major Highway
Minor Highway
Primary Street -
Service Road
Other roads
Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails
Private Road
Private Road
Non drivable road
Toll Roads
Setting Directionality
Setting Turn Restrictions
Controlling Turn Instructions
Setting Road Levels
Road Names & Types
Naming the Road
Alternate name
Acceptable suffix abbreviations
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do not use this page as the official Namibia Main Page. Language is incorrect

Please follow this link to the Namibia Main Page : Main Page