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==<big>'''Community Rules Namibia'''</big>==
==do not use this page as the official Namibia Main Page. Language is incorrect==
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Please follow this link to the Namibia Main Page : [[Main Page]]
|'''Welcome to the Namibia Wazeopedia page. Currently under construction.'''
==Quick Start Guide==
Thank you for your interest in improving the Waze client experience in Namibia
Before you blindly start editing, make sure you look at the [[Tips for successful editing.]]
To get started, make sure you are up to speed with the basics of how to use the WME. Editing is a time consuming activity, so it could be handy to use the [[Keyboard Shortcuts]] (by pressing "?" while using WME shows a panel thereof).
===Logging in===
Be sure to select the appropriate server based on the part of the world you are editing. For [https://www.waze.com/editor?env=row&lon=17.08867&lat=-22.56689&s=20531118079&zoom=4 Namibia] select under the Environment drop down, the "World"  setting from the setting tab on the left of the screen. The URL in the browser should look similar to: https://www.waze.com/editor
If prompted to login, use the same username and password as you do on the Waze client app and the rest of the Waze website.
===Copyrighted Material===
Consulting a map book or looking up the name of the road should be ok, but do not trace roads from Google maps or Google aerial images. In areas which have been gated off, Google is not always accurate anyway. Please ensure you read the section on [[external sources of data]] as using these may infringe copyrights. It is preferable to use Geographic Information System (GIS) information supplied by local authorities, should this be available.
===Join us in Slack===
[https://wazeinternational.slack.com/archives/CMS5LFBLN Invite Link]
Join us in the #namibia channel
The Namibian editors community use Slack to keep in contact with other Waze editors. It focuses on text communications with the ability to share images and files. It includes special notification options to keep you informed when topics come up for which you are interested.
It also allows for direct communication with senior editors, making it easier and quicker to request "Down Locks" or "Up Locks" as well as relying on them for expert editing knowledge.
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==<big>'''Namibian Road Classification'''</big>==
The following is background information to explains the Namibian road numbering system, road type, surface finish and route numbering and how "Road type" is named in WME. In short Namibian roads/streets are named from higher order to lowest as follows:
-Route name
-Road name
-Street name
===Trunk Roads===
*The most important roads, which connect main centres in the country with centres in neighbouring countries; proclaimed with a road reserve of 60m.
*Signposted with TRxxxx on the particular section, example T0101 or T0501
*Entered as Alt name in WME, forms parts of A or B routes
*Route name signposted
===Main Roads===
<br />
===District Roads===
<br />
===Farm Roads===
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==='''Numbered Routes'''===
A - Routes
B -Routes
C - Routes
==='''Namibian Regional and Trans Continental Highways'''===
Major Highway
Minor Highway
Primary Street -
Service Road
Other roads
Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails
Private Road
Private Road
Non drivable road
Toll Roads
Setting Directionality
Setting Turn Restrictions
Controlling Turn Instructions
Setting Road Levels
Road Names & Types
Naming the Road
Alternate name
Acceptable suffix abbreviations
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do not use this page as the official Namibia Main Page. Language is incorrect

Please follow this link to the Namibia Main Page : Main Page