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PL stands for permalink; symbol Wme permalink icon.png. A PL is an URL like this one referring to two streets in Maastricht:,59083453
  • The first parameter specifies the environment where row stands for rest of the world.
  • Next attribute specify the geographic coordinates to the position of a point on the Earth's surface via the longtitude and latitude
  • Third attribute is the zoom level
  • Fourth optional attribute are referring to selected segments.

Creating a PL


For locking / unlocking requests a PL should be supplied with all involved segments. From the WME screen create a PL by adjusting the zoom level so all segments to select are visible. While using the Ctrl-key select all involved segments. Then create a PL.

Clicking the button to which the red arrow points displays this pop-up window. Click now on the copy symbol at the right of the Permalink. This copies the Permalink. You're rwady to paste it anywhere you want it.

It is still possible to use the old fashioned way of copying a Permalink by clicking the PL-symbol.jpg symbol bottom right corner of your screen. The PL is now created as URL in your browser.

The Live map has also a PL-symbol.jpg bottom right to create a Permalink.

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