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Private road

 Private roads 

Road type accessible by car but not allowed to access by everybody.
Some examples:

  • Streets in Closed company areas, bungalow parks and other access restricted areas.
  • Roads only allowed for local traffic
  • Private driveways 1)
  • Tow paths
  • Hunting paths
  • City center or other, like a promenade, where only can be driven at certain times.
  • The Private roadtype may be used to prevent serious cut-through traffic.

1) As a general rule we don't map private accesses to houses, farms or other buildings. But, on locations where relative many cars have a short stop, think of loading/unloading, you can consider drawing a Private road from the main segment to the address, to prevent the negative influence on average speed of the main segment. Consult the GPS-tracks.

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