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Railroad Crossing

As a rule, we don't add railroad crossings (RRC) on guarded crossings. Consideration: only warn if it is really necessary. Potentially dangerous guarded railroad crossing may be added. In this case, always add a Map Comment. We do always add unguarded railway crossings. Not guarded is everything without track barrier arms.

In the app a railroad crossing may issue a warning alert.

A Railroad crossing placed with an angle of 90 degrees between railroad and the current road doesn't issue an alert. The app issues an alert on a road segment if the angle between RRC and the segment is less then 45 graden and the RRC is within 30 meters. Be careful: This can be a nearby road!

one way alert

Railroad crossing (RRC) alert: After a railroad crossing is mapped in WME, users will receive an alert in the app when they drive in the direction the RRC is mapped, just like the shutter direction of cameras. So, in the driving direction you see respectively road-gate-red dot. This picture shows a RRC which gives an alert when driving in the direction of the red arrow.

two way alert

Define two RRC's on both side of the railroad to get alerts from both driving directions.

no alert

If the RRC is mapped with a 90 degrees angle no alert is given, only the railroad crossing is displayed in the app.

Railroad crossings can be added via Road > Railroad crossing and is displayed on a seperate layer: Level crossings.

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