Restricted Driving Areas

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Gebieden met beperkte toegang

Restricted area editing is available for level 5 and up.

Restricted Driving Areas will allow you to create a polygon and apply to it the TBRs now available on segments.

A new Map Layer has been added so you will be able to activate/deactivate it only when editing areas and investigate related URs.

Create a new Restricted Area

  • Click on the Area Icon in the top bar.
  • Your pointer will change and you can start drawing the polygon on the map
  • Fill the info in the side panel: Name of the Area and Restriction Name, Address and add the relevant restrictions in the restriction panel.
  • Save
  • Select the restricted area edit the polygon shape and save.

Check and edit the restrictions

Hover over a restricted area label name, you will get a summary of the restriction. By clicking on the restriction you will access the restriction panel and be able to edit the restriction.

More info on the forum: Driving Areas document.

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