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Complex Restrictions

With a standard time based restriction a certain road can be closed for a certain period. It is also possible to define more restrictions on the same road, not only for different time slots but also per verhicle type (for instance motorcycle and taxi) or on minimum passengers.


In case a restriction is defined during a certain duration except for destination traffic a more complex solution is necessary. This type restriction described here is often used on the borders of a certain area to prevent traffic passing through. More than one complex restriction will be needed: they should be applied on all entrance roads to this area on the in-going traffic. Outward traffic should always be possible.

  • Add the simple time based one way restriction on the existing road into the restricted area.
  • Add two extra private road segments without restrictions as one way roads into the restricted area to accomodate the entrance of destination traffic. Define these private roads with elevation -1 or with an angle bigger than 3 degress to prevent the overlapping roads warning.
  • Set the turn restrictions to prevent traffic from the time based restriction road towards the private road segments, vice versa.
  • Set TIO voice prompts to None to suppress "keep left", "keep right" instructions while passing this construction. Tio-voice-prompt-none.png
  • Lock the complete construction on L3 or L4.
  • And add a map comment with subject (gate/gateway) "sluisje"/"barrière" and a description of the complex restriction.