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  • It is possible to add house numbers to several road types when Street and City name are specified.
  • Don't add house numbers to pedestrian boardwalks. If house numbers are to be added to a non-drivable road use walking trail.
  • Add house numbers with an letters like 123A, 123B, letter in uppercase and without hyphen,
  • Add house numbers with a sub number like 123-1, 123-2, with a hyphen.
  • For now, combinations of such numbers like 123A-1 are not allowed.


  • For adding house numbers in The Netherlands the WME OpenMaps script with the BAG map is very usefull.
  • The BAG viewer can be used to get information on house numbers in the Netherlands.
  • The house number information can be displayed in the editor if the Kadastrale kaart is loaded over the BAG map.
  • For Flandres the map Adrespunten Vlaanderen can be used, also available via the OpenMaps script. For Brussels use CIRB, for Wallonia PICC.

Adding house numbers:

  • Select a street
  • Click Edit house numbers
  • Zoom in to at least zoom=6
  • Click top center screen Add-house-numbers.png
  • Place the little blue circle on a house and enter the house number for this house.
  • Set the stop point / segment marker on the road segment from where the house can be approached.
  • Click Save