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Area Places

Area Places appear in the Waze app. Too many of them can clutter the map, creating large gray zones that do not help Wazers orient themselves. Therefore, it is important to use Area Places only when they are distinctive and significant enough to orient drivers. Care should be taken not to snap to road segment nodes, because this makes it more difficult to edit the place and/or segments later on.

Parking Lots and Gas Stations should be drawn as areas, regardless of their size. All other places are generally drawn as a Point Place, except when they are large and distinctive enough to help in the orientation during driving. See also the paragraph on how to determine Area or Point.

Generally, an Area Place only covers what a Wazer sees when driving to the actual location. It follows that the Area outline covers the building of the place, but never the whole property. However, an Area Place doesn't have to be as detailed as the building is, actually, it's better to keep the shape roughly.
Natural features such as forests, parks, and lakes are drawn to the visible contours.

Some types of Area Places show in different colors in the app. Generally, Natural features show green (e.g., Park) or blue (e.g., River).

Area Place for the Namur hospital, with the Point Marker at the entrance, and the Move Handle on the top right of the building

Each Area Place has a Wme place stop point.png “Point Marker“ , which by default is centered. This point can be moved to where you should arrive, or where to park, even a short distance outside of the marked area, indicated by the black outline (see picture). Again, try to imagine where you would stop to drop someone off for this location.

If the Area itself needs to be modified, click on the place to select it. Use the geometry points to adjust the shape. To move an area place without changing its shape, drag the Wme place drag handle.png Move Handle icon.