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Wiki updates

Updates on the Wiki pages

DatePageShort description
9-Feb-2020Main PageChanged title to Waze The Netherlands and added link to BeLux Wiki
15-Oct-2019Major Traffic EventsRemark on Event warning card in the App
4-Sep-2019Private roadRemark on adding PR to prevent average speed problems
22-Aug-2019Toll roadComplete update Toll page
13-Aug-2019Pedestrian BoardwalkRephrased usage and added text on phantom nodes
6-July-2019Kadastrale kaartKadastrale kaart, House numbers and OpenMaps script
25-June-2019Gas Station PlaceAdded text on distinguishing gasoline stations on both sides of a highway
9-June-2019RestrictionsAdded text on Vehicle types
7-May-2019ClosuresNew text on App closures
12-Mar-2019NodesAdded pages on Nodes
24-Feb-2019Update requestChanged number of days per step
17-Feb-2019New Housing DevelopmentNew page
9-Feb-2019Parking Lot PlaceBelgium skip the € sign
9-Feb-2019CameraRLC max speed on 0
9-Feb-2019House numbersInterpolation of house numbers
9-Feb-2019House numbersBetter not add HN's on top of each other

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