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Live map

The Live map is a browser-based version of the operational Waze maps with current traffic and reports from Wazers using their client app. It can be used by map editors to view the navigation instructions that will be provided to the client app when debugging map issues.

Request the Live map directly


Clicking bottom left Edit will start the Waze Map Editor.
In the bottom right hand side corner there is the zoom control and the symbol PL-symbol.jpg for creating a PL.

More on the Live map see the global Wiki page.


  • Update requests can be entered from the Live Map, which will appear in the Waze Map Editor.
  • Map updates already visible in the app are perhaps not yet present on the Live map.
  • The Live map update is - in general - lagging behind the app update. The Live map update is done per zoom level: so it is possible that a certain map update is visible on one zoom level but not yet on another.


  • The Live map uses above all Google places for proposing destinations. The app uses where possible the Waze Places.
  • The first set of destinations is offered by Google. Click on More results... to get also destinations offered by Waze. The Waze results are the ones that are displayed in bold characters.
  • The Waze routing and destinations are up-to-date, even if the Live map itself isn't.

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