Minor Highway History

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Minor Highway

 Minor Highway 

The road type Minor Highway (mH) .

 Major Highway 
 Minor Highway 
 Primary Street 
 Narrow street 
 Parking Lot Road 
 Private roads 
 Walking Trail 
 Pedestrian Boardwalk 


Street City Lock
3 / 4

Street: Road number and if applicable followed by a hyphen and the road name.
The Streetname of roads which have both a N-number and a S-number, contains both these numbers separated by a hyphen. Which number comes first depends on what is displayed at the road signs. This also determines the road shield.
City: Enter the city name.

For adding House numbers use an ALT name: the Street without road number plus City.
Note: Searching on an ALT name address does not (yet) work. RPPs can be used as a (temporary) solution.

Lock on level 3 for regular mH or higher for more important ones.


  • N-roads starting from N400 to N999; example N523 - Spiegelweg, Nederhorst den Berg, Netherlands.
  • S-roads (Amsterdam/Den Haag/etc.); example S113 - 's-Gravendijkdreef, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Roads with both N- and S-numbers: S104 - N703 - Tussenring, Almere, Netherlands
  • Deviation routes (Uxx, add U-number as streetname)


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