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Non-drivable roads

The non-drivable road types are:

*Not able means in this context not able or not allowed. On many foot paths and bicycle paths it is physical possible to drive with a car or motor cycle, but these road types shouldn't be used by this type of traffic.

Page on the Locking level of non-drivable roads.

Use sparcely
Non-drivable roads like walking trails and pedestrian boardwalks shouldn't be added, unless there is a good reason. Check the Wiki pages on these road types: Walking trail and Pedestrian Boardwalk.

Not or not always drivable

We often get the question "how do we map non-drivable or restricted access roads?" In the table below you will see what to do in every situation.

Road typeDescription
Walking trailNot able to drive with a vehicle
Possible destination along the segment
Considered for routing if connected.
Connect only via phantom nodes when a regular junction node isn't available.
Pedestrian BoardwalkNot able to drive with a vehicle
Does not have any destinations along the segment

Not considered for routing.
Play a role in parking spaces suggestions based on walking time.

Connect only via phantom nodes when a regular junction node isn't available.
Private roadAble to drive with a vehicle
Not always allowed to drive with a car
Street with restrictionAccess restricted for certain vehicle types
Access restricted for certain hours of the day


Walking Trail or Pedestrian Boardwalk

If a footpath leads from a normal road to a Walking Trail, but this path has no destinations / house numbers, should it be defined as PB or is a PB skipped in the routing and should we take WT without house numbers?
Best use a WT, see picture below.


Public transport
The previous standard "Use Walking trails for public transport" is changed into "use Pedestrian Boardwalk for public transport". because both non-drivable roadtypes have now a fix. Preference for PB because public transport lanes shouldn’t have (by accident) destinations. But Pedestrian Boardwalk should not be chosen if they can be used by taxis.

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