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<center> [[File:Benelux Header.png|700px|Link=Benelux|BeNeLux]] </center>
{{Benelux Header}}
Welcome to our WIKI page with specific information about editing in the BeNeLux.
== Quick Start for Editors == <!--T:23-->
For those who want to start immediately, we have worked out a [[Benelux_WME_Quick-Start|Quick-Start Guide]].
== What is Waze? == <!--T:25-->
Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS nav app with speech support, free map updates and real-time traffic information.
Waze is about 2 major parts:
* The app, to be installed on your smartphone
* The community with:
** [https://world.waze.com/editor/ Waze Map Editor]
** [http://world.waze.com/forum/ Forum]
** [http://world.waze.com/wiki/ Wiki]
** [[Benelux_WME_Quick-Start|Toolbox for editing in BeNeLux (Quick-Start Guide)]]
== Waze community == <!--T:32-->
You want to help Waze grow and support the community{{?}}
You can, on different ways. You can help editing and improving the map in the [https://world.waze.com/editor Waze Map Editor (WME)]. If you do so, please also visit our [https://world.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php{{?}}f{{=}}473 BeNeLux fora]. You can log on with your Waze account.
More information about the community, WME and the wiki can be found here:
<center>[[Benelux Community]]</center>
{{Benelux Footer}}

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