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This page is under construction. Please do not edit this page before contacting one of the Waze Benelux Community representatives.

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Welcome to our WIKI page with specific information about editing in the BeNeLux.


Quick Start for Editors

For those who want to start immediately, we have worked out a Quick-Start Guide.

What is Waze?

Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS nav app with speech support, free map updates and real-time traffic information.

Waze is about 2 major parts:


Waze app

To use Waze on your smartphone or tablet it has to have a GPS and data connection. The Waze app is free to download and available on iOS & Google play market. There is also a WP 8 version...

Information about installing and using the Waze app can be found via the following manual:

Waze Help (English)

Waze community

You want to help Waze grow and support the communitySjabloon:?

You can, on different ways. You can help editing and improving the map in the Waze Map Editor (WME). If you do so, please also visit our Sjabloon:?f=473 BeNeLux fora. You can log on with your Waze account.

More information about the community, WME and the wiki can be found here:

Benelux Community

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