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This Wazeopedia page is under construction. Please do not edit this page before contacting one of the Waze Benelux Community representatives.
If you are looking for a full version of the BeNeLux Wiki, click here.
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Welcome on the BeNeLux part of Wazeopedia. In addition to the Global Wazeopedia, you can find here specific information about editing in the BeNeLux. You can also find more information about the Waze BeNeLux Community.


Before you contribute to Waze by making edits in the Waze Map Editor (WME) we would like to introduce you to our community. Each Waze Community is different and has there own rules, guidelines and ways to communicate.


The Waze BeNeLux Community uses various ways to communicate besides the Global Waze channels.

  • (Sub-)forum
  • Slack


The BeNeLux Community has its own dedicated subforum. In the forum, guidelines and problems are stated. If you have questions about specific BeNeLux topics, search this forum first. If you have questions, feel free to post those. If you have questions about the Waze App or the Waze Map Editor, you can search the global forum.


Besides the forum the BeNeLux community uses Slack. In Slack we:

  • Ask questions about all Waze related things
  • Request urgent road closures
  • Request segment unlocks

Waze Map Editor (WME)

Waze uses 3 different servers to host the maps. Israel (IL) & North-Amerika (NA) have their own servers. The Rest Of World (ROW) has its own server. The BeNeLux maps are located on the ROW server, sometimes also called the INTL server. To edit the map in the BeNeLux, go the Waze Map Editor' (WME). But before editing, please read the BeNeLux Guides below.

Waze Map Editor - Benelux Guides

If you want more information on how or why things are done, please read the following manuals:

Starting Guide

Roadtypes & Naming

What roadtype to use in what kind of situation? What segment gets a city- and/or streetname, or not? What is meant with directions and locks? Waze knows several roadtypes which are all used in specific cases. More explanation about those roadtypes can be found here:

Benelux Roads


The Waze Map Editor lets you add points of interest as places. There's a special BeNeLux Places page that explains when and how we do that in the BeNeLux.

Your Community Career Path

Members of the community all have certain levels in the use of the Waze app, as an editor of the Waze map, and as part of the community. A description of the editor levels is to be found on the page Benelux Community Levels.

Need to know Community Members

As an editor you can always ask for help at one of these 'local champs', senior editors of the Waze Community:

Waze Belgium

Global Champs (Level 6)

Country Managers (Level 5)

Region Managers (Level 4)

Waze Nederland

Global Champs (Level 6)

Country Managers (Level 5)

Region Managers (Level 4)

When a region has no Region Manager assigned, please contact one of the Country Managers instead.

For the large cities, there are editors with local knowledge, who can be reached for questions or to discuss adjustments:

Waze Luxembourg

Global Champs (Level 6)

Country Managers (Level 5)

Region Managers (Level 4) N/A

Social media

Each country of the BeNeLux has its own social media channels as stated below: Facebook: