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Charging Station Place


Charging station are Point Places. in the Car services sub-category with the following properties:

  • Category: Car services > charging station
  • Name: Provider maxkW (number of charging points) Type
In case of an unknown provider, add the charging place with name Laadpaal, complemented, if possible, with maxKw and/or the number of charging points.
Example: Laadpaal (3)
  • Lock: 2, or as high as your own level
  • Address: add, if possible provide the housenumber. Use as house number, if applicable, TO (tegenover/across from) like Brinklande 20TO, Pijnacker.

Only charging stations which are available to the public should be mapped; not private ones.

Searching in the app
Searching for charging stations: enter the complete word Charging Station (Oplaadpaal) in the search field of the app and press the magnifying glass search symbol. Now the Charging Station places defined in Waze are displayed.