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{{Template:UserMaintainedTop}}<p style="text-align: right;"big><span style="font-size:smaller;">Change Language: '''EnglishWelcome to Waze New Zealand''', [[Latinoamerica|Español]]</span></p>{| border="0" align="center" width="100%" style="background:#e6ecf3"|- | style="width:33%" align="left" | [[Image:b.gif]] [ Check the server status and major service issues]|}<div style="font-size:smaller"><div style="font-size:smaller;width:20%;float:right;margin:0;border:solid lightblue;background:#fffff0;padding:2px"><p style="margin:0;padding:2px;background:lightblue;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold">Waze for your country</p>For instructions on editing the map in your country and help in using Waze, in your language, choose from:{{CountriesList}}<div style="font-size:smaller">{{Languages and Countries}}</div></div><div style="border:thin solid lightblue"><p style="margin:0;padding:2px;background:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">About Waze</p><div style="padding:5px">{{About Waze}}</div></divbig>
<div style="border:thin solid lightblue"><p style="margin:0;padding:2px;background:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">Getting started</p><div styleAbout Waze New Zealand=="padding:5px">{{Getting Started}}</div></div>
<div style="borderWelcome to Waze New Zealand. This guide is here for people in New Zealand using or wanting to use waze. Information found here will most likely be discussed in the [http:thin solid lightblue"><p style="margin:0;padding:2px;background:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">You can make Waze even better</p><div style="padding:5px">{{How You Can Help}}</div><>viewforum.php?f=122 Waze New Zealand forum] before being transferred here. '''If you are unsure about something the forum is the first place to ask.'''
<div style==Getting Started==The primary function of Waze is a vehicle navigation device for your phone. Once waze is installed on your phone you have the option of registering an account (on your phone) for advanced features. This account (with "border:thin solid lightblueuser name" and "><p style=password"margin) will give you access to:0;padding * [https:2px;background// Dashboard]* [https:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">Problems, bugs and limitations</p>/ WME] (waze map editor)<div style="padding* [http:5px">// Waze Forum]{{* [http:Problems, bugs and limitations}}</div></div> Waze Wiki]
<div style="border:thin solid lightblue"><p style="margin:0;padding:2px;background:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">Development plans and priorities</p><div styleNew to Waze? =="padding:5px">{{:Development plans and priorities}}</div></div>
<div style[[FAQ]] [[Things to do]] [[Waze Version 3.5|User Manual]] [[New Zealand/RoadTypesNZ| New Zealand road type designations]] [[New Zealand/CityLabelNZ| How to label cities (New Zealand)]] [[New Zealand/RoadLabelNZ| How to label and name roads (New Zealand)]] ="border=Make Waze Better== [[Help Improve Waze]] [[Area Manager | How to be an Area Manager]] [http:thin solid lightblue">// Vote for Improvements] [[Wiki_maintenance_tasks | Wiki maintenance tasks]]<p style[[Use your language skills | Get Waze in your language]] ==Map Editing="margin= [[Okay! Lets Edit the Map!]] [http:0;padding// Editing the Map (Video)] [https:2px;background:#B0E2FF;border:thin solid lightblue;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%">// Waze Map Editor] [[Best_map_editing_practice| Best Map Editing Practice]] [[Road names/Australia| How to name roads]] Technical information<[[Road types/p>Australia| How to select the road type]] [[Junctions and Roundabouts (Australia)| Junctions and Roundabouts]]<div style[[Waze Map Editor| Using the Waze Map Editor]] =="paddingSomething's Wrong!== [[Problems, bugs and limitations]] [http:5px">// Updates on Waze status, service, currently known issues, and completed processes] ==Coming Soon== {{:[[Development plans and priorities]] ==Behind the Scenes== [[Technical links}}Information]] [[Earning Points]] [[How Waze calculates routes]] ==Links==<===[https:/div></div> Facebook]===<===[!/div>waze Twitter]===<br clear=all>==[ YouTube]===<p style="font-size==[http:xx-large;font// Forums]======[http:bold">Have fun going your own Waze</p>{{UserMaintained}}/ Uservoice]===
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