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  • in the app. You must be within a radius of 0.3 miles/500 meters and above the rank of a baby Wazer to update gas prices. A complete and accurate Gas Station
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  • Keyboard shortcuts (redirect from Shift a)
    When using Waze Map Editor, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available to make editing the map a bit easier if you prefer the keyboard over the
    segment, a junction is created For existing roads, if you move the end of a segment onto an existing segment, a junction is created If you move a junction
    it can create a Permalink to share and communicate with other editors. A permalink is a URL used to take you or someone else directly to a specific map
    calculating a route from A to Z. The suggested route might be A to B to C to D to Z. Then calculate the route from B to Z. You might get a suggested route
    Shortcut key: Ctrl+Z The Undo button will undo unsaved successive previous changes with each click. A change can be deleting a geometry node from a segment or