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#**'''Walking Trails''', '''Pedestrian Boardwalk''', '''Stairway''', '''Railroad''', '''Runway/Taxiway''' – other non drivable and non-routable roads, '''do not map these''' unless they are used to landmark an area or to help in navigation. If the road is too narrow like an alleyway and only motorbikes and tricycles can drive through it, use Street instead and restrict access to it so that only select vehicles can be routed on it.
3. # Set directionality (two way or one way)
4. # Set the elevation level (Ground, Tunnel = '''-1''', Flyover = '''1''', '''2''', '''3''', etc.). Only tunnels or underground roads are to be set to -1. If one road passes over another, the bottom road is Ground and the one that passes over is 1. Tunnels should at least be 100m in length, otherwise leave them as ground level unless they pass under a segment already on ground level.
5. # Set the speed limits in accordance with [ REPUBLIC ACT No. 4136] Chapter IV Article 1 (Section 35) ''Restriction as to speed''.
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6. # Connect or create junctions (attach to existing roads) except if these are non-routable road types like '''Walking Trails''', '''Pedestrian Boardwalk''', '''Stairway''', '''Railroad''', and '''Runway/Taxiway'''
7. # Set turn restrictions and if u-turns are allowed on junctions, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to click on the junction node and hit 'w' on your keyboard. This will set all turns to enabled or green. Leaving a turn restriction disabled does not mean that Waze will not route to it, Waze can still route a turn to it since it is connected. To prevent routing, a segment needs to be totally disconnected from a junction and placed 5m apart.
8. # Name the road, if you don't know the street name add the city name and mark the street name as 'None'. Somebody else could edit it. '''Do not''' leave segments in red (unnamed). '''Do not''' name roundabouts, the road name will not wrap around the roundabout segments and will not look right on the map. It will also break the routing instructions for the roundabout.
Follow the PH Road Naming convention when adding road names -