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# Create road (whether tracing aerial images/gps points, or from recorded drives)
# Set road type, some suggestions;
#**'''Freeways '''– Toll Roads or Expressways where a toll fee needs to be paid
#**'''Major Highway''' – DPWH Primary Roads or roads that connect cities of > 100,000 population
#**'''Minor Highway''' – DPWH Secondary Roads or roads that connects other cities (i.e. <100,000 population), ports, ferry terminals, airports, tourist service centers, and other national government infrastructure to the primary network.
#**'''Ramps '''– On and off ramps from Freeways, segments that are not at-grade or ground level, used to connect segments with different levels
#**'''Primary Street''' – Main thoroughfares of a city or municipality and/or DPWH Tertiary Roads
#**'''Street '''– ordinary street, mainly residential
#**'''Off-road / Not maintained''' – drivable roads but not used for routing, except when 'allow dirt roads' option is enabled or if destination is on the dirt road.
#**'''Parking Lot Road''' – drivable roads within a commercial or private parking lots, used for routing but with a high time penalty. If the parking lot is covered, do not create any parking lot roads or if it is a parking building or structure and it does not have a roofdeck, do not create any parking lot roads. Map only the main roads leading to and out of the parking area, '''DO NOT''' map all the lanes inside the parking area.
#**'''Private Road''' – drivable roads within gated communities, subdivisions, villages, or compounds. Not used for routing except when destination is on the private road. All roads within the area must be the same private road type. Put '(sticker required)' on the main entrances to these areas where a pass or sticker is required.
#**'''Walking Trails''', '''Pedestrian Boardwalk''', '''Stairway''', '''Railroad''', '''Runway/Taxiway''' – other non drivable and non-routable roads, '''do not map these''' unless they are used to landmark an area or to help in navigation. If the road is too narrow like an alleyway and only motorbikes and tricycles can drive through it, use Street instead and restrict access to it so that only select vehicles can be routed on it.
# Set directionality (two way or one way)
# Set the elevation level (Ground, Tunnel = '''-1''', Flyover = '''1''', '''2''', '''3''', etc.). Only tunnels or underground roads are to be set to -1. If one road passes over another, the bottom road is Ground and the one that passes over is 1. Tunnels should at least be 100m in length, otherwise leave them as ground level unless they pass under a segment already on ground level.
# Set the speed limits in accordance with [ REPUBLIC ACT No. 4136] Chapter IV Article 1 (Section 35) ''Restriction as to speed''.
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