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Map Editing Guide for the Philippines
#* When in doubt, leave it out. Each connector complicates the map and adds to your workload when the time comes to check connectivity, direction, name, etc
# When you are confident on an area you have mapped,'''lock the roads''' to prevent any changes or edits on the roads. While we appreciate the help of newbie waze editors in editing our maps, they are prone to creating errors if not informed and educated properly on our map editing guidelines. It would be great if we can direct them to read this guide first before they start doing any edits. Read the [ Phillipine Locking Policy] for more details.
# '''Adding Area Places, Point Places, and Gas Stations'''; When adding Places, make sure their location is properly identified through the add Area Places draw function and add the address in the details as well. If an Area Place will cover beyond a city's/minicipality's boundary or will cover more than one city/municipality, mark the city address as none. For bodies of water like creeks, rivers, lakes, sea, etc. mark the city address as none, this is so that their area will not be added to the city tile. The main differences for these are; '''Area Places''' - These primarily POI locators but also serve another function on the Waze map. They serve as '''navigation aids and cues''' so if a landmark serves as a navigation cue and is more than '''50m on it's X or Y coordinates''', you can add it. If it is smaller than 50m, consider adding a Point Place. Compounds and buildings fall into this place type. Parking lots should also be an Area Place and NOT a Point Place. Area place geometry should cover only the exact area of the place. Do not stretch the geometry to where it's borders touch or overlap segments. Road types are rendered differently so all segments appear the same on WME but will be displayed differently on the client app. ##: '''Point Places''' - These are the main POI locators for establishments that you want to add on the map. Adding these makes these places searchable on the Waze app. If there is already an Area Place, do not add a Point Place and vice versa. Establishments inside a building or compound fall into this place type. ##: '''Gas Stations''' - Gas station establishments, when adding these and X or Y coordinates are not long enough, consider adding a small spike on one of the sides so that it goes over 50m in length so that it gets displayed on the client app. Refer to the [[Philippines/Places Policy |Places Policy]] for more details on what can be added. '''DO NOT MAP MILITARY INSTALLATIONS OR BASES'''
# '''KISS! - Keep It Simple, Stupid'''! Our maps should work best if they are kept simple rather than complex, therefore simplicity should be the main objective in our maps and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.