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Map Editing Guide for the Philippines: Added Real Time Closures
Before making any MTE, please coordinate with local champs first. This is to prevent duplication of events and to make sure all closures are created and placed correctly.
=== Real-Time Closures ===A Real-time Closures Time Closure (RTC) is a temporary closure that is added to the map for segments that are _______ look impassable for some reason but does not need to be modified (i.e. no change in turn restrictions, etc.). This should NOT be used for lane closures. Read [[global:Real_time_closures|here ]] for more details.
At present, editors level 4 and above are able to add and remove real-time closures to roadsin the Philippines. Special permissions have also been given to our CCP partners such as the MMDA. For urgent closures, contact a local champ to facilitate the addition or removal of an RTC.