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Real Time Closures: Added section about adding Map Comments to RTCs base on MapSir's forum post
Map comments are used to communicate with other editors but it is NOT an alternative to the other communication channels of the community. Use it to leave short notes to other editors (e.g. "Do not connect these segments, there's a gate here"). DO NOT use it to request for edits as map comments are too easy to overlook.
=== Speed Cameras ===This feature has been disabled See next section for the country. Do not try to add speed cameras to the mapguidance on use of Map Comments with Real Time Closures.
=== Real Time Closures ===
At present, editors level 4 and above are able to add and remove real-time closures to roads in the Philippines. Special permissions have also been given to our CCP partners such as the MMDA. For urgent closures, contact a local champ to facilitate the addition or removal of an RTC.
When setting RTCs based on information coming from an external source, the best practice is to add a Map Comment with a link to the source. This will be helpful for local editors to verify the info, and make changes if needed.
It is also recommended to lock the map comment to a higher level, and set an expiration date matching the closures end date. But please consult with your local community on that.
=== Speed Cameras ===
This feature has been disabled for the country. Do not try to add speed cameras to the map.
=== Major Traffic Events ===