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General Guidelines on Road Editing
=== Map Editing Priorities ===
Higher level editors especially Area Managers, are expected to maintain and update the areas area where they managelive. This means, L3+ editors '''SHOULD ''' first work on their immediate vicinity. The reason for this is because you should have first hand information and are should be familiar with your areas. You don't need to send messages to reporters to ask questions and , this should facilitate for a faster resolution of URs.
The suggested way to clear your area is;
# Go to your location
# Zoom out one level at a time
# Resolve and UR, MP, PUR, etc.
# Repeat step 3 and 4
By doing this, you should be able to create a clear hole near your area. Even if you clear until zoom level 3 only, you would have cleared 12 sq km or an area within 1.5 km radius from your location.
'''The following should be prioritized if you are not working in your immediate area:'''
# Update Requests - Do this first to reduce the number of URs we have.
# Place Update Requests - Do this next if you have cleared ALL URs.
# System Detected Problems - Also known as Map Problems, these need checking as it they may be valid issues.# Place Points - Move place points to their exact locations, use personal knowledge or street view to accurately move place points to the correct locations.
'''The following are NOT priorities, work on the previous list instead of these:'''
# Speed limits - Don't be a points whore. You shouldn't be after points anymore since we don't look at it for level promotions.
# Alignment of place shapes - Seriously, you don't need to align every place to its perimeter. There is no added benefit to this for navigation if . If even part of the place is in within the perimeteror if the entry point is correct, Wazers will be led to the right location. You are just doing this for points if you do this.
# Aligning roads to aerials - It is impossible to exactly align segments to their exact locations based on the aerial images. You need to factor in elevation of the roads, parallax effect due to the angle of the satellite, accuracy of how the images were set in WME, etc. The tolerance for the map stickiness is around 20-30m so even if the segment is 20m off its location, Waze should still be able to handle it. Do something useful instead like doing the items on the priority list instead of this.
=== General Guidelines on Road Editing ===
1. Creating roads: You may use aerial images or GPS tracks as a guide, or you may use your recorded drives. When drawing roads, pay careful attention where you trace. Generally it is recommended that you trace right where the GPS tracks are thickest (if available). Please make sure the Roads layer is on before tracing a new road to prevent making duplicate/overlapping roads. Note also that we don't necessarily trace exactly what we see. See [[ map editing practice|Best map editing practice]] for specifics.
Follow the PH Road Naming convention when adding road names -
# Always use the official name as the street name ([ DPWH Name]).
# Do not use multiple street names separated with a slash "/" except if it will immediately fork into two exits. Or the exit leads to two separate turns
# If there are local (LGU) or other name for the street, add them as an alternative name
# Use punctuation for initials except for cardinal directions
# Excluding route numbers, maximum length of street name should NOT exceed 5 words (street name)
# Do not use the word 'to' (preposition) on a street name, unless it is an actual street name. It will not sound right when using 'Adora' or non English TTS
# Do not use the word 'exit' (e.g. 'Exit to...') in the street name. It can be used when the street is commonly known to have one e.g. 'Marilao Exit' . Segment names are not localized so it will sound awkward when the rest of the instructions are in Filipino.
# Refer to the Philippines TTS List for a complete list of supported abbreviations <nowiki></nowiki>
10. When naming streets, omit "City" and "Street". e.g. "Pasig City" to "Pasig" only and "Dela Rosa Street" to "Dela Rosa" only. Except when they are not "Streets" like "Kamias Road", "Aurora Boulevard", "Ayala Avenue", etc. If you are going to abbreviate, make sure you follow [ Waze Abbreviations and TTS] standards so that our street names are ready for TTS (Text To Speech).
14. '''KISS! - Keep It Simple, Stupid'''! Our maps should work best if they are kept simple rather than complex, therefore simplicity should be the main objective in our maps and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.
=== General Guidelines on Editing Places ===
Places are the equivalent of Points of Interest (POIs) in other navigation systems. Unlike traditional cartography or other online maps, we do not map every single place/POI we see. We only add places that are likely to be useful for navigation. Hence, we do not map generic places such as fishball stands, sari-sari stores, plants, pedestrian footbridges/overpasses, etc. That is also why we try to avoid generic names such as "basketball court", "fountain", "store", etc. for places we've deemed worth mapping. See our [[philippines:Philippines/Places_Policy|Places Policy]] for more details.
* '''Area Places''' - These are POIs that are useful visual landmarks and are mapped to be visual cues on the client app. .
* '''Point Places''' - Most establishments should be mapped as a point place. These are searchable on the Waze app but not visible unless chosen as a destination
== General Guidelines on other WME Objects ==
=== Map Comments ===
It is also recommended to lock the map comment to a higher level, and set an expiration date matching the closures end date. But please consult with your local community on that.
If you need to set an RTC that is more than a month long, make sure you check on it at least once a week. There have been a lot of instances where RTCs for several months have been placed and then never checked again. This resulted in segments being closed off from routing long after they have reopened. URs were piling up on the area due to this and routing has been severely affected on the area.
Watch a tutorial on adding Map Comments to RTCs [ here].
=== Speed Cameras ===
This feature Adding any form of camera from the app has been disabled for the country. Do not try to add speed cameras to the mapThis can only be added on WME by high level editors.
=== Major Traffic Events ===