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General Guidelines on Road Editing
Follow the PH Road Naming convention when adding road names -
# Always use the official name as the street name ([ DPWH Name]).
# Do not use multiple street names separated with a slash "/" except if it will immediately fork into two exits
# If there are local (LGU) or other name for the street, add them as an alternative name
# Use punctuation for initials except for cardinal directions
# Excluding route numbers, maximum length of street name should NOT exceed 5 words (street name)
# Do not use the word 'to' (preposition) on a street name, unless it is an actual street name. It will not sound right when using 'Adora' or non English TTS
# Do not use the word 'exit' (e.g. 'Exit to...') in the street name. It can be used when the street is commonly known to have one e.g. 'Marilao Exit' . Segment names are not localized so it will sound awkward when the rest of the instructions are in Filipino.
# Refer to the Philippines TTS List for a complete list of supported abbreviations <nowiki></nowiki>
10. When naming streets, omit "City" and "Street". e.g. "Pasig City" to "Pasig" only and "Dela Rosa Street" to "Dela Rosa" only. Except when they are not "Streets" like "Kamias Road", "Aurora Boulevard", "Ayala Avenue", etc. If you are going to abbreviate, make sure you follow [ Waze Abbreviations and TTS] standards so that our street names are ready for TTS (Text To Speech).